Saturday, March 3, 2012

Last Post Here- We Have MOVED!

In order to facilitate a growing organization it was clear a real website was needed. So I will no longer be posting any more content here. Its all going here now: so bookmark it!

Friday, March 2, 2012


Thank you Mother Nature! (Icemegedon of Jan 21 2012 is now dubbed the worst storm in 25-35 years) Since 'Seven Streams' was hardest hit. HR County and SDS Lumber are now forecasting that area as the next logging project. Which means 'Mobius Strip' and 'Frankenstein' are going to be logged- tagging up 'Spaggetti Factory' too- this is going to change Post Canyon forever and its a tough pill to swallow for us that have called Post Canyon home. We will update this listing as soon as any progress is made on them- until now- its bad here.

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Packable Trail Tool

Source: Pinkbike

I saw this on PB and thought some of you out there would like to be owners too. Perfect lightweight tool for clearing sections of trail. The Jan 21 2012 'Snowmegedon' storm has been dubbed 'The Worst Storm To Ever Slam Post Canyon' according to local elders. So riding with this tool will be VERY useful this spring. (Note: This tool isn't for the hardcore trailbuilder like Sam Pinner who could easily break it just by looking at it funny. I posted this for the rider who can't wait to get on a trail and encounters 'blockage' or 'trail damage caused by debris or water runoff'. -editor

$195 Three Piece with McLeod Head
$240 Four Piece with McLeod Head
$40 for Saw Attachment
$55 for Axe/Mattock Attachment 
$55 for Pick/Mattock Attachment

To order go to the Trail Insight website HERE. 

Saturday, January 28, 2012

A Bomb Went Off......

Here's the lowdown on Post Canyon trails. Several trail adopters have reported major tree's have either topped themselves or dropped. Hardest hit are the longer XC trails, Extended Play is fully intact, yet The Scooter and Lower GP have some serious 'Storm Recovery' work before us. The 'Family Man' area is intact as well. More news as it comes my way. Snow is holding us out. So be careful if you venture into the area by yourself.

Wednesday, November 30, 2011

NW Trail Alliance Cargo Trailer with Trail Machine: STOLEN

Source- Raul Atencio/

The Portland-based non-profitNorthwest Trail Alliance is scrambling this morning after finding out that a trailer full of trail-building equipment — including a $75,000 tractor for building singeltrack — was stolen last night.
According to the group's president Tom Archer, the trailer was parked in the maintenance yard of Stub Stewart State Park (about 35 miles northwest of Portland near Vernonia). Archer is asking everyone to keep their eyes peeled in hopes that they can track it down.
Please be on the lookout for an 18-foot, enclosed, gray utility trailer with the "Northwest Trail Alliance" black logo and the IMBA logo on both sides of trailer (license plate of U449427).

The NW Trail Alliance received a grant to purchase the ST240 machine in September 2010 and they've been actively building a network of mountain bike trails at Stub Stewart. Archer says there are only five ST240 machines in existence (they're made nearby in North Plains) and they'll eventually need parts and service.
Please call (503) 877-5637 immediately if you see the trailer or have any information.

Friday, November 18, 2011

Sunday, November 13, 2011

Trek 2012 Bike Demo at Family Man

A great day of riding bikes in Post Canyon on the 2012 Trek Bicycles. 29'rs, Hardtails, XC, DH and FR bikes were in and out all day. If you missed it, sorry.

Ed Reilly promoting beer, cigs and Trek! 

Drew and Toby holding down the fort for Trek Bikes! 

Trail sensei Jim Thornton and owner of Mt View Cycles Wes discuss current topics. 

The Trek Rumblefish was right at home on the technical XC loops and didn't shy away from the skinnies. 

Baker, my trail companion. 

Rookie Roadies Invade! 

New entry was carved out of the '8 Track Basement' 

Roo hydrating his dog. 

Shuttle Lap courtesy of the Bike Gallery's Raul Atencio of the NW Trail Alliance!