Sunday, February 28, 2010

How's Your Ju-Ju Factor? Today's Small Work Party Accomplished Allot!

Photo By Corbin Crimmins
On the last day of Feburary a small work party occured led by Jim Mudry and Dave Bisset. Meeting at 'Extended Play' to donuts and Rockstars the eager crew began to repair and buff out the 11 man-made featured trail. Holes, berms, branches over stepping their boundries were all adressed and clipped. The trail had so much dirt work done to it that it was 'CLOSED UNTIL FURTHER NOTICE!' by the trail stewards. Pray for some rain!
Photo By Corbin Crimmins

Photos By Corbin Crimmins

Then with a skeleton crew consisting of Jim, Dave and Myself all journeyed up to '2 Chairs 2' and '3 Blind Mice'. Although 'Tha Mice' wasn't on the agenda- we set out to give that warm up trail a good buffing too. Within a few minutes of our work- Douglas Johnson, THE GODFATHER of Post Canyon arrives with smiles as he surveys all the work being done. Without hesitation Douglas joins the band like a veteran musician- except he makes music with shovels, saws and sledgehammers. 4 trailbuilders, all with seperate contributing skills begin obvious taskes of re-vamping. The finished song came out sweet, I predict a smash hit with every rider who ventures down '2 Chairs' and discovers the work we did today.

There was a few decent sized brake bumps coming off 'Baby Barn Door' landing and normally there is no rock around- I convinced Jim that there was not enough rock armoring in Post Canyon and offered to figure it out. After about 20 mins of puzzle piecing rock together we made a nice armored exit.

A much needed berm gets installed on lower '3 Blind Mice' and the work party spreads out to cover the upper portion of '2 Chairs 2'. We all re-group at the first big berm before the step up-step down feature. Major time was spent repairing the 'Big Betty Berm' as we had a story to tell here. We each wandered one at time ahead of each other when Dave announced he's bonked and heading home. Douglas, Jim and myself continue repairing as the sun begins to set. Jim is the next to annouce departure and leaves his tool and donut stash in trade for my Rockstar stash- fair trade as he rolls off with a distant beep of the horn. Douglas and I continue our efforts. I clear roots and limbs- buffing out the lincoln log stashes all the way to the road. Exhausted with hurting hands and a blister on the thumb, I pack up and depart after chatting with Douglas for a few minutes. To my amazement Douglas drives closer to the trail and begins more work- solo style. Impressive I say to myself- he's the trailbuilders trailbuilder. Hands down- with big painful blisters. He's the king.

Dave testing his new berm on '3 Blind Mice' 

Douglas coaching his lady.......with fast hand movements. 

Jim Mudry hates brake bumps, litter and that's about it. 

Thanks to all that made it today- Corbin, Nick, Jim, Dave and Douglas......this beer is for you! For the rest of you that didn't show- You can chew on my dogs stick. If your feeling like a donation is warranted to inprove your 'Trail Ju-Ju'- then head to Discover or Dirty Fingers and drop something in the jar will ya? We could use your help!

Eat my stick slackers! 

Saturday, February 27, 2010

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Illegal MTB Trailbuilding in Portland's Forest Park


PORTLAND, Ore. - Mountain bikers heading off the beaten path at Forest Park and making their own trails may be having fun but wildlife and park experts say the rogue cyclists are disturbing natural habitat that is already fragile.

When we set out to see the rogue trails for ourselves, we didn't have to look far to see the destruction that is happening.

Ignoring signs that forbid it, mountain bikers have built illegal trails at the park. Trees have been cut, ferns have been trampled and someone even went so far as to build a dam across a creek.

The Parks Department is working with bicyclists to try to create more trail space in Portland's parks for those who want to ride. Bicyclists say they only get to use about 30 percent of parks.

There will be a meeting Thursday evening where parks managers will talk with a bicyclist advisory group to try to come up with solutions.

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Doggie Owners Beware! Deer Ticks!

As you most of you know I have a new riding and building sidekick named Baker, he's a mutt-combo-trifecta of Chocolate Lab, Chow and Pit Bull. He and I ride great together but as soon as I meet up with another rider things get whacky. Miles Sullivan is really the only person that can be mad at Baker because of a recent incident on Extended Play. (Miles, he's grounded!)

But what is really important right now, due to 'El Nino' is the insect world has launched a heavy attack on canines. This morning I pulled 3 'Deer Ticks' off 'Bakers' chin and chest area. If your unaware of the dreaded Lymes Disease you can recieve from a 'Deer Tick' then scope this interesting article and doing some internet research I found there are cases of Lymes Disease in this county. So check your little trail buddy. He might have one. Prevention by Inspection is the one thing I want to everyone to remember when riding MTB in Post, Syncline or Nesters with your dog.

My wife has enforced the leash law too, so I lose my trail buddy until fall and thats humbling. But if you whip out this really cool 'Ticked-Off-Tool' then Baker has a chance for a few more hours on the trail before its really bad. Still, its tough on him to pull them out- he does not like it one bit. Little Hand Ranch Supply is your location to pick one up for under $5 bucks.

Please keep your pets safe and pack this tool too! Who knows, you might have to self medicate-extract one in the near future. Ride Smart- Ride Safe.

Monday, February 22, 2010

Work Party Announced for Feb 28th

SOURCE: Jim Mudry


• THE GAMEPLAN: We want to refill the take offs and landings for the season. Should take a couple of hours with a few strong backs. See ya there.

• Any questions or donations of material contact Jim at 541 490 6695.

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Work Party Callout for Sat Feb 13th

Trailbuilder Craig Cleary has requested help this Saturday at Family Man to finish the decommissioning of the off-road vehicle damage. A group will meet at 9:30am and work until noon. Dogs welcome, bring gloves, water and snacks to keep yourself happy.

Afterwards a small session usually breaks out- so don't forget to bring your bike either.

And those of you able to help out on Monday Feb 15th- A small work party will be out working on 'Postal'- Meet at Post Flats and bring tools. Bring dogs, snacks and water to keep yourself happy as well. Starting at Noon, we will focus on creating a small burn pile of the former wood stunts. A full on trail remodel is occuring there and all the help is needed to get that area 'session-able' again. Trailbuilders Mike Estes and NWSOF Founder Sam Pinner are teaming up to bring a very unique area to ride hardtails and small travel bikes. A name change will occur when the trail is finished so stay tuned for more details.

Thanks to all of you in advance for supporting the Gorge Freeride Blog, recently the # of followers is growing and without your support our efforts would be futile.

Please ride with garbage bags- the amount of garbage on Post Canyon Drive and Riorden Hill Rd is at an all time high. Your help is greatly appreciated when you stop and pick up litter. Smokey the Bear and Woodsy the Owl shall smile down on you eternally. Ride smart and ride hard!

Women Of Dirt: Awesome Land Portland Premiere

This a must see. One, take your daughters, your sisters, your wife and her friends! This film is aw-inspiring to all women and its motivating like no other to ride a bike. A great soundtrack provided by My-G (a portland area musician) encompases the filmakers vision of women on bikes. It embraces the dirtjumpers, the XC'ers, the freeriders and of course the DH'ers.

I wrote a article for Pinkbike covering the Seattle Worldwide Premiere and you can read it here.

Cycle Dogs is sponsoring the event!

Link to YouTube Trailer Here.

Where: Clinton Street Theatre 522 Southeast Clinton Street, Portland OR
When: Feb 25th
Time: 2 Showings- first one starts at 7pm, Second starts at 9pm.

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

2010 Oregon Super D Series

Kicking off on May 30th, the Oregon Super D series has become a reality for race organizer Brandon Ontiveros. Hood River will lead the inaugral series with a 7+ mile, 3000' foot DH-XC timed event. It would be great if they announced the famous 'Le Man's' start style, but most likely will be you against the clock. For more information on the series and events- go to this website.