Monday, January 12, 2009

Cure Mid-Winter Blues By.......

Donating materials or product to auction off here on the GFRA Blog for the continuous building process. Contact the 'Gorge FreeRide Association' at and help get more features built for all skill levels of mountain bikers here in Hood River, Oregon.

Currently, most of the area is still under snow and lots of wind debris has things in a mess here. We highly recommend checking out the Seattle WA Bike Park called 'Colonnade' under the I-5 Bridge (for all weather reasons) off the Lakeview Drive exit, once you leave the highway- you would have to be blind not to see the signage and obvious biker population present. Great place to ride for a 'mid-winter' blues break.  

We will update the blog soon with a 'ride-able' trail report. Work has been done over on Syncline's on 'Lil' Maui' and reports of rides going up and down are looking good for the no snow people. Happy New Years!