Wednesday, January 27, 2010

SOS! 'Save Our Shuttles' at Syncline

Orignally Posted On April 2009, Re-posted By Numerous Requests

On Feb 4th, 2009 a meeting regarding the use of Syncline/Coyote Wall has resulted in a few guidelines the landowners of the area asked the MTB Community to adhere too:

1) Please refrain from relieving yourself (that includes #2) on the Atwood Road drop off.
2) No parking a car and leaving it on Atwood Road. No Parking signs have been installed.
3) Dunno why I have to write this but- Please, no garbage. Its a major buzzkill to see garbage being dragged around by giant Black Ravens and other wildlife.
4) Hikers are complaining the most about the 'shuttle' crowd. So please SLOW DOWN when near/close/insight of any hiker. They said "we feel violated", so lets show them allot more courtesy in the future.
5) STAY ON EXISTING TRAILS!! Major complaints against MTB'ers in general for 'braiding' and making new lines, damaging wildflowers, wildgrass, etc- (area under most scrutiny is the lower rock drop.) Hikers call it a 'visual eyesore'.
6) Dogs, KEEP THEM AT HOME OR LEAVE THEM IN THE CAR. Don't bring them to Syncline anymore- Wildlife has been affected greatly already.
7) Leave NO BRAKING SKID MARKS! If you can't stop without dragging the rear tire- then you shouldn't be in such a sensitive area- stay on asphalt if your a 'skidder'. If you do- restore the trail to the condition it was prior to your 'Lobster-style' braking.

During the winter months of November, December, January, Febuary and March- Syncline is the only place to ride and prepare for upcoming bike events and gatherings.

For more information- check out the CAMBA website here.

Powell Butte Survey for MTB'ing Portland Metro Trails

Source: Wayne Silver, Ted D.

Your comments are needed to help improve mountain bike access at Powell Butte.

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Basic Objectives when completing the survey:
1. Question #7, choose option A which adds more trail (i.e. a second loop) on the Elderberry Trail
2. Question #9, choose option B which keeps the Pioneer Trail open
3. Question #13, choose option B which keeps the Wildhorse Trail open
4. Questions #16 (final comment section) add two comments
a) Make a statement that all trails should be open to multi-use (i.e. open to mtn bikes)
b) Suggest that the trails should be built IMBA Trail Building standards (IMBA is the International Mountain Biking Assoc.)

Link To The Survey

***Please fill out this online survey by Sunday January 31st.***

Background info:

NWTA (Northwest Trail Alliance formerly PUMP) has been an active participant throughout the planning process of a major park redesign for Powell Butte. Members of NWTA have been working with City Parks Dept to create a plan that enhances mountain bike access and improves the trail conditions. Currently we are in the final phase of the planning process and need your support (i.e. we need your voice as a mountain biker). I hope that you take five minutes to complete the survey and influence the final plan for Powell Butte.

Monday, January 11, 2010

A Winter Wonderland: Frozen Family Man

Family Man is under 'Ice Seige' and surprised the small intimate work party on Sunday Jan 10th. Scoping out the 'Family Man' Loop I found anything and everything glazed with a nice quarter inch of Mother Natures' finest ice. Walking around proved to a challenge as I wandered into the 'Rhythm Trail' to see the extensive riding damage. I've also noticed allot of wood missing that I used to stop all the 'deer trails' that humans were creating. There was even a few trees sawed down too. All very surprising to the trailbuilders in attendance.

Shane Wilson and Craig Cleary are the newest adoptee's but are anything but new to trailwork in Post Canyon. Both have large history of hours and trail advocacy for the area. They were leading a decommission work party on some pesky issues that surface year after year. Offroad 4X4's have torn up a couple of sections and the HR County Land Mangers asked Shane and Craig to 'shut-down' and 'de-activate' a decent sized area. 4 hours of work moving tons of debris to block unathourize use of a vehicle was the goal.

After 'bonking' on energy and needing a serious dose of Taqueria's finest taco's, the boys headed out after shutting down the area. You can make donations to the GFRA if your unable to attend a work party as anything helps the few trailbuilders. Contact Douglas Johnson, President of the GFRA at for a financial contribution to the vision of making world class trails here in Hood River a reality. Material donations are also accepted. (No Painted Wood!) Check the IMBA website for more details.

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Work Party for Sunday Jan 10th

Need to work off those holiday weight gains? Sick of the snow conditions at the resorts? Well, come out Sunday Jan 10th and perform some theraputic trail work. Meet with Gloves, Tools and Snacks at 9:30-10am at the Post Canyon Trailhead Kiosk. Dogs are welcome!!

Update 3:15pm: This is a 'decomissioning' work party in the Family Man area in preparation for serious building on the new 'Sexy Beast' trail recently called 'Antoine's Ridge' or mostly known as the 'Super D Line'. Due to allot of snow at the newly named 'Sexy Beast'- focus to decomission the 'Family Man Off-Road Mud Bath Park' and shut down illegal offroading right at that particular location.