Saturday, February 19, 2011

Work Party Callout for Saturday April 2nd

Lots of work to be done in Post Canyon. The list is long and we could use all the help possible. Bring gloves and water (as none will be provided). If you have a favorite tool, BRING IT! McLeods, Pulaskis, Flat heads, Spade Tips, Lopers or a good ol fashioned rake will help butter up these trails. Dogs welcome! (Jim Karn is not because he's a known dog hater) Here's the details.

MEET AT 9am at the Family Man 'Sign In' tent. All volunteers must check in so we can track the volunteers hours. Every volunteer gets a credit from county grants and donates $18.20 cents an hour for participating in these work parties. New volunteers welcomed and must sign a liability waiver just once (for each year) and then specific instructions to meet your 'trail leaders' will be assigned.

Family Man is located on Riorden Hill Road aprox. 2 miles from Country Club Road behind the Hood River Cherry Company. Follow the gravel road around until you see the check in tent and parking area.

We are looking for a strong turnout to open up 'Bad Motor Scooter' and finally get it passable. County does not want bikes on the roadways. FYI.

Looking forward to seeing you all! Please spread the word to your Facebook, Twitter and email networks!

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Progress: 'Drop Out' New Feature

Quietly and honestly Chris Elsmore utters "It won't work." Craig Cleary and I gander at the new wallride on 'Drop Out' and with a quick glance at Chris he offers a very scarcastic smirk. We erupt in laughter. Trailbuilding. The guys that go out and work on projects constantly get criticized by 'other' riders. Its literally a curse 'cause I don't know one trailbuilder that wakes up and says to themselves 'I'm gonna go make something absurd and dangerous that looks like crap' Its only the inexperienced builders that master that one. So folks, behold the largest wooden structure in Post Canyon is nearing completion.
Auntie's Kitchen Will Be Open Soon! 

Trailbuilder Chris Elsmore

Craig Cleary leading the charge to get this thing completed, he wants to ride it. 

Chris (and the rest of us) could use wood donations. If you have down trees on your property and can donate them to finish this TTF then feel free to contact Mike Estes at so I can arrange a crew to make it happen.

Friday, February 4, 2011

'Middle School' Trail Changes: Ladder Drop Blocked, Decomissioned

Just a heads up. Last Ladder drop feature was removed today. Expect some minor changes and expect big changes next fall when we 'Build Season' fires back up.
I think 'Paintball Art' held class last night. 
Sam taking out a feature that has 'taken-out' a few riders in its time on Middle School. 
Proof of some serious 3rd ring bashing causing the 'OTB'  effect resulting in unhappy riders. 
Ladder decomissioning. 
Looking back up the trail. Crib will be removed restoring this section. 

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Rhythm Trail Re-Born

Friday Feb 4th, Sam Pinner and Myself will be leading a small work party on 'Middle School' and invite anyone willing to help for a couple hours to meet us at 11am at the Family Man Parking Area. We are going to 're-model' 'Middle School' and improve the user experience. Its possible that Sat Feb 5th another small work party will be hammering on 'Bad Motor Scooter' starting around 10am and will last 4 hours (min) so bring water, gloves, your favorite tools, snacks, 4 legged companions, personal entertainment, vices (Corey Tepper), after work refreshments, etc. both days.

Sam Pinner discussing 'Bad Motor Scooter' with HR County Foresty Asst. Mgr Henry Buckalew Fall 2010 

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Cleaning Up Family Man

In the background of the first image you will see 'carcass' strewn about just off the 100 Loop trail. 

 Here is proof that anyone athletic and enjoys breathing fresh air is not the culprit. MTB'rs don't smoke or.........

....Drink flavored alcohol. Teenagers.  

Look carefully at the debris scattered over a small city block. Took me over 45mins to clean up this area. Christmas tree disposal? 

My bounty of condoms, beer cans, soda cans, cigarettes, newspaper, magazines, bottles, fast food wrappings, candy wrappings. Later Ryan Goodwin arrived and pulled out yet another full bag of garbage after I had left. Just one can to go. Photo by Sam Pinner.

This is only a small percentage of the garbage found around Post Flats, FM, Binns Hill and several locations thru-out the trail system. Put the word out that people need to carry garbage bags or start reporting this to authorities. I'm packing garbage bags and a camera.