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Shuttle Day Video #2!

Source- Pinkbike/Ryan D

Post Canyon Shuttle Day on

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HR County Trails Meeting Reminder!

A Forest Recreation Trails Committee meeting is scheduled for Tuesday October 25, 2011 at 4:00pm in the Hood River County Forestry Department Conference Room. I hope everyone can attend! Let me know if you have any questions.

 Henry D. Buckalew
 Trails Program Coordinator/Forest Technician II Hood River County Forestry Department

office: (541) 387-7089

Friday, October 21, 2011

Post Canyon Shuttle Day FINAL UPDATE!

Registration closes tonight at Midnight. SIGN UP HERE TO SAVE $5!

Nick Simcik and Mike Lawless of Gravity Componets are posting up a booth to showcase some sweet bike parts for us to drool over. Kurt Buddeneck of Discover Bikes is hosting a FREE bike demo along with Raul from Bike Gallery who is bringing out thier new 2012 Trek and Kona Demo bikes! (Bring appropriate credentials to check these bikes out, valid Drivers license required)

As you all know- we have Columbia Cochise providing a fall lunch menu that should blow everyone away- Veggies to meat. Omnivores rejoice.

Lastly, I will have maps, waivers and wristbands to hand out so the drivers will know who paid and who did not. So if anyone tries to slide in and take a seat, you will be denied.

Dirty Fingers is hosting the post riding 'After Shuttle FREE BEER' party at the shop from 4-7pm. So that should make for one memorable bike riding day.

Huge thanks to Ryan Goodwin of Hermosa Tours for allowing me to organize and put this event into gear because folks, WE ARE SHUTTLING! Its on.

View Post Canyon Shuttle Day BASE AREA and PARKING in a larger map
Location for registraion and PARKING is the big grassy field on Post Canyon drive, please park in a manner so as others can easily drive into the lot and exit. Shuttle vans get priority area to turn around. From Portland/Seattle: Exit HWY 84 at EXIT 64. Take a right and the next immediate right onto 'COUNTRY CLUB ROAD' follow for 1.5 miles to 'POST CANYON DRIVE' turn right and follow for half mile. Event BASE AREA will be easily visible from the road.

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Work Party ReCap on 'Bitchen Motor Scooter'

All images courtesy of Corbin Crimmins Photography

Oct 15th was an enormously successful organized work party for Post Canyon's Youngest Trail that is considered a 'vital link' for those riding the DH/FR trails. 35 Volunteers arrived and were instructed by Trail Steward and the days Trail Chief Sam Pinner, assisted by Trail Leaders Jim Mudry, Olivier Bock and Cory Tepper.

After a massive effort to improve the corners- improve flow and bench cut a nice easy line for all to descend safely now down the steepest section. The 2nd water crossing too got a realignment and its all just amazing to ride. Hope you enjoy the improvements. More to come thru the winter! 

Jon from Double Mtn pours me a pint while picking up the donated pizza while I was double parked. 

Pizza for the workers! 

Awesome raffle provided by Devon Lyons and the Oregon Super D Series! 

WORK PARTY BONUS! You worked- you get a FREE shuttle to the top courstesy of Hermosa Tours (855-MTB-POST) 

The greatest post work party reward, your bike handed to you at the top of the Super D course.
 Thank you to all who attended and I hope you can make the Oct 29th Work Party on Road 44- Info HERE. 

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44 Trails Association Calls Work Party on Oct 29th!

Source: USFS Legend Jim Thornton

Jim Thornton was the first guy to take me into the field and organize a trail work party 4 years ago. He created an trails advocate outta me and I've been giving back since that day. Trails need help, bottom line and Jim targets trails that need our attention the most. So expect to learn allot. Not to mention work on the most famous area for mountain biking in Oregon period.

More info needed? Call Dirty Fingers or stop by New York Sub. They will gladly steer you in the proper direction.

Saturday, October 15, 2011

Thank You For.....

Today is the first organized work party in Post Canyon. Its a major undertaking when your doing all this on a volunteer basis. It takes allot of preperation, planning and nonstop promotion of the event.

If your reading this today your in the know about todays work party. Either you wanted to make it and your just not phsically moving. Its ok. Thank You for just being in the loop.

And for most of you that attended todays work party and or enroute. (Typing this at 7:56am) Thank You!
Signs, signs everywhere a sign.......

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Update For Oct 22nd Post Canyon Shuttle Day

Here is the current news on parking info and the delicious lunch menu catered by Columbia Cochon to review. YUM!

Check-in and on-site registration -- 8:30am to 10:00am. Location: Bottom of Post Canyon Drive, grass parking area near the Post Canyon staging area.

Lunch Menu: Fall root vegetable salad ,with parsnips ,sweet potatoes fingerlings, pickled beets,boiled eggs,and a lemon sherry vin. French brown beans with sage and molasses . Hood river country sausage with caramelized onions and whole grain mustard.

Vehicle parking: Grass lot at bottom of Post Canyon Drive, just before the Post Canyon staging area

A Rest Stop in 'Family Man' is also being set up with possible demos from Giant, Specialized and Turner. If any shops or vendors would like to get involved email to get details. 

Sign Up HERE! (as of today Oct 12th- there are 18 riders signed up) 

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TRAIL CHANGES AHEAD! Bad Motor Scooter ReRouted and Improvements UNDERWAY!!

We just rerouted a couple sections of 'Bad Motor Scooter' and prepped the area we call 'Pucker Corner' for the upcoming Oct 15th Work Party. Lots of improvements thruout the trail and I wanted you all to have an internet HEADS UP! Enjoy the photos.
Sam Pinner fillls abandoned tires with rocks as we bury them to make rollers. 

Halfway thru the first reroute. We took out two crappy turns and simplified the line. 

Removing the organic layer is Sam Pinners #1 goal. 

'Pucker Corner' is fun for those who like steeps- no fun for others.  New line going in......
Sam takes a nice break after 4 hours of scraping organics and hearing rider complaints. 

The new 'Scardy Cat' line and naturally berrmed. 

'Scardy Cat' line is very gentle and will be a breath of relief to anyone who has been scared on 'Pucker' 

Tools of the trade. 

My Dakine Highwire's, best durable trailbuilding glove in the line. 

Thursday, October 6, 2011

Sandy Ridge Trails

If you haven't ridden these trails yet, then your missing the buzz. Its a MTB specific trail system located in Brightwood, OR off Barlow Trail Road/Rd#14 that was built by IMBA. This place is pretty epic and if you haven't ridden yet, you best get on it. This video I found should motivate you all, winter is coming.

Looky there- its Shane Wilson, Jason Wells and Miles Sullivan creating this network, now you know its gonna be fun.

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Motorized Use Ban LIFTED and Hunting Season!

Source: CGORA

Regulated Use Closure was terminated at 1:00AM on 10-5-11 therefore all Hood River County OHV trails are open to motorized use. (You've all been warned! -editor) 

Monday, October 3, 2011

Deer Hunting Season Officially OPENS in Post Canyon

For one week, hundreds of hunters will be scouring the small area known as Post Canyon in search of venesion. WEAR BRIGHT COLORS. Talk Loudly (like the two ladys today who were cackling all the way up to Family Man today) KEEP AN EYE ON YOUR DOG! Be careful out there folks, don't get shot by a blonde or brunette!

Sunday, October 2, 2011


This morning the illustrious trailbuilder Sam Pinner emailed me saying "Oct 15th is the only weekend I have free to lead a work party." So I replied. "Its on!"

Oct 15th Saturday 9am to Noon. We will be focusing on 'Middle School' and 'Rhythm Trail' (pumptrack) possibly another team will be sent to work on 'Bad Motor Scooter'. Which will be really cool for the Oct 22nd Post Canyon Shuttle Day Fundraiser to have some new improved features to ride.

Bring Tools, Gloves, Water and Personal Snacks, Dogs Welcome.
Lets rally the crews. Invite the newbies. Time to improve the roll for 2012! 

Saturday, October 1, 2011

Tool Review: Weed Wrench

Recently I was asked to assist in removing scottsbroom on a local Hood River Recreation Work Party, during this volunteer event I discovered a new tool called the Weed Wrench. I was instantly smitten with how well it worked, it was really fun to remove this invasive and noxious weed. We pulled over a 100 woody plants and piled them up.

So, to make a long story shorter, I convinced the owner of the motel I caretake to purchase one. We have 5 acres and 1/3rd of if has Scottsbroom. Upon reciept of the wrench I went to work. Its a brilliant tool and the inventor should be proud. Simple to assemble. They come in several sizes ranging from 'Heavy' (2.5 diameter roots) to a Mini (1 inch roots) offering an 18/1 leverage ratio for yanking anything outta the ground. I highly recommend using eye protection as debris will get you when using it because this thing is fun to use. Yeah, FUN TO USE!

Here's the proof, the 'Before' shot:
Weed Wrench ready to battle the Scottsbroom! 
Less than a half an hour later I had this massive pile, yanked 40+ easily. The 'After' shot:
Property reclaimed. 
I'm looking forward to using this on 'Sexy Beast' and in a few section of 'Bad Motor Scooter' this fall building season. Looking forward to it actually. I have now pulled out Maple, Adlers, Bamboo and popped a couple Poision Oaks outta that ground too.

Simply clamp the base. 

Give a tug. 

Pop! Root and all....

If you have a need to hire me and the Weed Wrench to clear your property you can contact me at and I can come over to your house- remove some nasty eye sores easily. Got a tool to review? Hit me up.