Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Work Party Sponsors Show Support

For the upcoming April 2nd Work Party Sam Pinner has acquired a massive pile of goodies to raffle off from the following supporters:
GoPro Cameras
                Yakima Racks
                Timberline Ski Resort
                Smith Optics
                New York City Sub Shop
                North West School Of Freeride
                Dirty Fingers Bike Shop
                Discover Bikes
                Columbia Gorge Veterinary Clinic

We are looking for a solid 50+ turnout and there are some logging operations in the area of this work party and ask for everyone attending to check in at the Family Man check in tent for up to the minute status. Please carpool if you possibly can. Bring tools, gloves, water, snacks, your four pawed trail buddy is welcome and anything you need to work for 4-5 hours.

9am Look for the Cove Bikes white pop up tent at the Family Man Skills Area or complex depending on who you talk too. See you all soon.

Monday, March 14, 2011

Open House for Timberline Bike Park Wed March 17th

Source: Timberline Bike Park

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Timberline Bike Park Needs Comments of Support

Source: Timberline Bike Park

Big news today on the Timberline Mountain Bike Trails and Skills Park Project!  The USFS has posted the "Legal Notice of Proposed Action" for the project, which marks the beginning of the official 30-day public comment period.

You demonstrated "need" for the project with your initial comments and emails. Now we need to demonstrate support for the documented plan within the next 30 days.  Even if you sent a comment already, we need you to send another comment during this period for your thoughts to fully count in the approval process.

Proposed Timberline Bike Park Map by Gravity Logic (Whistler) 

Please take a look at the PEA published by the USFS, and submit a letter of support using the links in the right column.  And tell your friends - we want to demonstrate the overwhelming support that exists for lift-assisted mountain biking at Timberline.

We're SUPER excited about this project. After a busy summer of mapping trails with Gravity Logic, we're ready to build once approval is reached and the snow melts. From rolling beginner terrain, to progressive intermediate trails, to challenging expert trails -- the Timberline Mountain Bike Trails and Skills Park will be world class and have something for everyone!

There is opposition already. Bigtime, misinformed opposition. So here is a letter from Jeff Kohnstamm in response to Mr Chaney's recent article in the Sandy Post. And here is the propaganda the opposition is saying against the proposed bike park HERE.  

Monday, March 7, 2011

Dirty Fingers Bike Shop Burglerized!

Google Images "Burgler" NOT SUSPECT

Source: Craig Cleary

UPDATE: Bikes Stolen
2010 Santa Cruz Nomad White Carbon Fiber with Carbon Fiber Rims (est value $6K) 
2009 Giant Reign (est value $2500)
2011 Ellsworth XC (est value $4K) 
And one other bike. Will Update when I know more. -Mike

Dirty Fingers Bike Repair and Shop is reporting a burglery today March 7th 2011. Sometime early morning thieves broke into the shop stealing several bikes. From the quick converstation I just had with Craig Cleary he informed me that his Giant Reign and 4 other bikes are missing. This is where we need everyone to keep an eye out for suspicious bike activity in the Hood River Heights area. Please call the Hood River City Police or HR County Sheriff if you see or know something. THIEVES SUCK! Lets be dilligent and stay sharp these upcoming months. LOCK UP YOUR BIKES EVEN INSIDE!!! Protect your families and toys!