Monday, June 27, 2011

Hood River Trails Post Flats Staging Area Closed

Timber Sale Closure! - The Shaggy Mane Timber Sale began on June 22nd, 2011. The sale is located on the west side of the Post Flats Staging Area.  It is an 18 acre, clear-cut timber sale that runs towards the west to the USDA Forest Service boundary and towards the north to the State of Oregon property boundary. This sale affects numerous recreation trails, the Post Flats Staging Area, and Post Canyon Road. Numerous signs were installed throughout the area on June 21st, 2011. The sale should be completed sometime in August 2011.
Post Canyon Road - Logging trucks and equipmrnt will be using Post Canyon Road while the timber sale is in progress. Post Canyon road has been closed to public use beginning at the upper side of the Seven Streams Staging Area and continuing to approximately 100 yards south of the Post Flats Staging Area.
Trails - All trails within the Shaggy Mane Timber Sale unit boundary have been closed. Once completed, the affected trails can be reopened, redesigned, or decommissioned.  
Post Flats Staging Area - The staging area has been closed to public use for the duration of the timber sale.
Please use caution if in the area and avoid all timber sale operations!
Please help get the word out to all trail users!

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Work Party Callout for 'Mobius Strip' XC Trail

Friends, please come join the fun at a Post Canyon Work party – to open a section of new single track trail called 'Mobius Strip' 

Lunch and refreshments provided by Andrews Pizza and New York City Sub Shop
Douglas Van Zandt will be leading the charge! 
  • When: Saturday June 18th  (6/18/2011)
  • Time: 9 am till you need to leave or the trail section gets finished. Lunch and refreshments will show up at 1 pm.
  • Where to meet: Post Flats staging area – 2.25-miles up dirt section of Post Canyon Road
  • Qualifications: able to operate a rake and ooze enthusiasm :)
  • Who should come and help? Hikers, Trail Runners, Mt. Bikers who like to climb and enjoy recreating on single track trail
  • What to wear: Gloves, work cloths including long pants, and safety glasses, sun screen if you need it.
  • What tools should you bring: Rakes, McLeods, Pitch forks – long or short handles (yes pitch forks), flat shovels
  • Please bring your own water and snacks
  • Goal of work party – to create a section of a new single track trail called Mobius Strip. When the entire trail ~1.8-mile long trail is completed it will climb from 7-Streams trail up to where Spaghetti Factory crosses Post Canyon Rd.
  • What is the trail designed to be? A climbing trail for bikers, hikers and trail runners. It is a bi-directional trail that is twisty and turny with lots of ups and downs – there is descending in the uphill direction and climbing in the downhill direction. It meanders through many different ecosystems and is situated almost entirely in an mature stand of trees.
We look forward to seeing you there.

For more information contact:
Douglas Van Zandt
(541) 490 - 9572

Joe Lawry, the Passing of a Legend

Source: Rick Higgins/Cascade Trails

On June 8, 2011, Joe Lawry passed away. He was around 90 years old. He was a legend in the motorcycle trail riding group in the Hood River, Oregon area.  Joe started building and riding trails on the east side of the Hood River Valley around 1980. Around 1990, he started to help build trails on the west side (Post Canyon) with the hope of connecting the west side to the east side. Around 1995, most of the HR Valley had a single track trail from Post Canyon, across Middle Mountain and Pinemont Road, connecting into the Mosier Loop Trails that Joe had started. Today, the Hood River Valley Loop is part of the Master Plan for the Recreational Trails in Hood River County.  Joe was still helping to build trails about 6 years ago when he had a bad motorcycle accident coming down Kingsley Road at the end of a day. He loved riding and building trails for the local riders.  We plan to dedicate a future Staging Area on Fir Mountain in Joe’s name.  His ashes will be placed in a few special places up on the trails that meant so much to him. 
Please think of Joe the next time you ride the Hood River motorcycle trails. He loved to see riders up on the trails having a great time

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Trail Change Ahead! Entry to 'Bad Motor Scooter' Via '8Track'

As of today the entry into 'Bad Motor Scooter' has been changed. You must enter via the '8-Track' entry and you will see new trail to the left.  The trail is now 150feet away from Riorden Hill Road and that makes HR County Forester Henry Buckalew happy. The trail replaces the old 'Upper Grand Prix' due to a huge Timber Sale in the Spring/Summer of 2008. For years we've tried to rebuild that trail. 'Bad Motor Scooter' was the solution to getting riders off the road accessing 'Lower GP'. We achieved the goal.

Stats: Sam Pinner and Myself broke ground in Oct 2010 with IMBA's Jason Wells working magic. Several work parties that were attended by 35+ volunteers did major improvements. Sam, Cory Tepper and Myself have pushed hard with the help of our friends who answered the texts. Huge thanks to everyone who contributed to the installation of this trail. 
Baker testing the line and he approved. 

 We held a 'Name that Trail' contest on Pinkbike and Alex Ely came up with "Bad Motor Scooter" which I then bestowed Alex some slightly used bike parts he wanted. With the trail located under 'Extended Play and 8-Track' (music) names and connecting to 'Lower Grand Prix' (motorsports) we wanted something to compliment our love of music and motorsports. Hence, our reason for the name.
My Alex bottle was instrumental in completing the entry. Get one! 

I cut this all by hand! 

Previously, this corner was junk, off camber with a huge rock. No longer an issue, smooth singletrack!  
Hope you all enjoy the new trail. Expect minor improvements when weather allows. Next Fall, expect huge things for 'Da Scooter!'

Old Entry- Blocked. Go back to 8Track if your standing here.  Or look down the logged out road- you'll see the re-route. 

Thursday, June 2, 2011

'3 Minute Gaps' Portland Premier Presented By Fat Tire Farm

Source: Fat Tire Farm

3 Minute Gaps Official Trailer from Clay Porter on Vimeo.

Saturday June 18th @ Hollywood Theater Directions HERE
All ages: 7pm (Doors open @ 6:30) $5
21 & over: 9pm (Doors open @ 8:30) $15
Show is a benefit for Northwest Trail Alliance & Sandy Ridge Trail System
Raffle prizes and more info to come..

Shuttle Service From HR To WHISTLER!! $99 Bucks Roundtrip!

Source: Epic MTB Tours
This could be you leading a friend! 

Yeah, this is just the beginning of a great time. Transportation from the Hood River-Portland area to Whistler Villiage on June 9th- 14th for $99 via the 14 passenger Epic MTB Tour van is available. Once there, your responsible for lodging, food, bike park tickets and anything else you may need to survive.

"Whistler Bike Park is open and the trails are running in great condition. Join Epic MTB Tours as we head North to British Columbia to spend 4 days at Whistler. We will provide transportation for you and your bike from Portland or Hood River, leaving the morning of June 9th and returning back from Whistler on June 14th. If time permits we will make a short stop in Bellingham to shred a locals favorite trail. You are responsible for food, lodging, tickets. Epic tours can assist you with these things if needed. Note that there are several great campgrounds close by the Whistler Village. Let us know what we can do to help you have a great Whistler experience. -Epic MTB Owner Charles Becket" 
'I got the first pitcher at Cittas!'