Friday, September 30, 2011

NW Trail Alliance Got A Fancy New Machine!

Source- NW Trail Alliance

This is why we are raising funds on Oct 22nd. We need this machine to work some magic here in Post Canyon this fall.

Northwest Trail Alliance's new ST240 at Day #1 Operator Training from Joe Rykowski on Vimeo.

Thursday, September 29, 2011

Inspiring Trail Day From Up North


This video is great- shows a couple legendary North Shore builders as they buff out a trail that obviously needs help. The results look impressive. Gotta admit, I'm kinda excited to get to work myself. Motivation comes in strange forms.

Trail Adoption Plan: Dale's Buffed by from on Vimeo.

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Rider Profile Video of Spencer Burback

Source: Pinkbike 

I like hardworking, self promoting guys. Since Spencer dug deep, trained and won the recent Scotty Graham Memorial DH this recent weekend I decided after watching his recently posted video on Pinkbike was worthy to share. It shows some sweet Oregon dirt.

Meet Spencer Burback. (Wonder when Shane McKenzie is gonna come out with a banger?)

Spencer Burback on the best of Blackrock/Post Canyon on

Sunday, September 25, 2011

Post Canyon Shuttle Day Trailbuilding Fundraiser Oct 22nd!

Source:Hermosa Tours

Mark your calendars! Discover Bicycles will have a small bike demo for those interested in purchasing a new bike, so far Giant Bicycles is the only brand to respond with interest. Exciting details are unfolding- keep checking back!

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Cove Bike 2012 Demo NW Tour Schedule

Tired of a "Made In China" or "Tiawan made" bike? On Sept 23-25th Cove Bikes USA will be at the Oregon State DH Championships allowing 'FREE' rides on the new products that were just debuted at Interbike in Las Vegas.

Sept 26th a Post Canyon Demo located at Family Man, Riorden Hill Road for an afternoon of ripping trail with the owners of Cove Bikes. I invited Carson Storch, the Cove NW Development Team to attend for riding with any and all RIPPERS out there. Come out for a great time exploring the area on great bikes.

Check out the Cove Bikes USA Website HERE
Extra Credit Browsing, Go North of the Border HERE
Hit them up with a 'like' on Facebook HERE or follow them on Twitter HERE

Monday, September 19, 2011

Help Dirty Fingers Raise $500 Dollars For Trailbuilding This Sat!

Source: Dirty Fingers

This Saturday is the Echelon Grand Fond Cycling Event and Mitchell from Dirty Fingers has taken the lead point in organizing 10-15 'Post Canyon Locals" to volunteer and assist in water stations located thru out the cycling route. Please go to Dirty Fingers Bike Shop and sign up, get the information for volunteering and if we meet their requirements then we will receive the donation for materials, tools and other much needed items for our 14 hardworking trail stewards. PLEASE HELP! SPREAD THE WORD!

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Nick Simcik In Oregon

On his way home from Whistler BC and the Crankworks MTB festival Transition Pro Nick Simcik stopped here in Hood River for a couple days and created this amazing video through the eyes of young Shelby Smith.

MTBrs VS The Roadies!

This coming weekend is when MTBrs and Road Racers collide in a test of who can ride the most 'laps' in a set time period. Originally billed to have two separate tracks at different locations The Hood River Double Cross always seems to be thwarted by Mt Hood area forest fires, so the HR County Fairgrounds is now no longer a venue. Both days will be held at the HRV HS and the course there is very challenging with flowy single track to short climbs across grassy fields over barriers as you cross asphalt sections with ease. Just pray it doesn't rain and mother nature cooperates.

Sat has a Kiddie Cross which is FREE starting at 12:30 and parents can run beside assisting those who need the support. Watch this if your curious about racing your toddler.

For more information go HERE!

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Geoff Gulevich Visits Hood River


This video is amazing. It shows everything special about Hood River!


Hood River County Trails Closed for Fire Season
All trails in Hood River County are closed to motorized use as of 1:00am 9-7-11 due to extreme fire danger. Industrial Fire Precaution Level (IFPL) 3 has been reached. The forest is officially in Regulated Use Closure which means trails are closed to motorized use. Contact the HRC Forestry Department or the Oregon Department of Forestry for daily IFPL updates. 

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Stolen Bike Alert!!

Source: Shane Blem/Dakine

Hey Everyone, just wanted to throw out a quick note.  Sorry to bug everyone at work.  Anyway, my bike was stolen this morning from the top of the stairs.  Left it there at 8a.m. and went back to get it at 11a.m. and it was gone.  It was hidden in the bushes up there, which is where I usually leave it.  It was not locked.  I’m too trusting I guess.  Anyway, there’s a description below.  It’s a pretty obvious Norco bike with the bright orange bars.  I’m sure most of you have seen me riding it for years.  Let me know if anyone locates it.

Couple notes, it has a brand new set of Kenda Kranium tires on it and the headset has a hole for the break cable to run through it generally.  I’ve removed the cable and zip tied it to my fork, so that would be a pretty obvious mark for the bike.
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