Monday, April 20, 2009


Late last fall- FMX was vandalized.

Repaired and ready to rip it up! (Thanks Douglas!!)

This post is dedicated to 'The Green Grinch' Max Miller!

FMX is officially re-open- both sides are flying again! Wear your armor kiddies!

Monday, April 13, 2009

Post Canyon MTB Trail Report for April 2009

Boys and Girls, Men and Ladies- Its time to announce the trail report for the MTB 'dedicated' trails. Here we go!

Snow is reported to be just above the 2 Chairs 2 and Blind Mice FR Trails. Be warned if you come down Binns Road Drop Off- could be nutty in the shade.
2 Chairs 2- Buff, Raked and Clean! OPEN.
3 Blind Mice- (New Trail!) 14 features with several snaking berms. Buffed, Raked and Clean! OPEN.
X Chourus X Buffed, Raked and Clean (there was a tree down above the rounda-bout, removed recently) OPEN.
FMX Jump Line- Right side is closed and under repair, all stunts are shut down. Leftside is OPEN!
Borderline- SNOW! CLOSED!
Egghunt- Raking is planned, its ride-able, 'Barn Door' is clear of snow. 'Never-ending Skinny' is still there- solid as ever. OPEN!
Extended Play- Fully re-born, 2nd Jump has added dirt and not so 'lippy' anymore- Hardtails are seen up there ripping it alongside FR/DH bikes- Best 24 seconds in Post Canyon. OPEN!
8-Track- New re-route is done, trail is OPEN!
Lower GP- Lots of work on GP going on, New re-route after 3 jumps into some sweet berms, step down's are going to change, ladder drop is closed and rotten, heard its coming down this evening for a new dirt jump over the tree. (HELL YEAH!) Lower step up is now allot safer and won't buck anyone anymore....then all the way down to Blue Car is the new sweet section of trail- lots going on there too. Its OPEN, but ride aware.
8-Track 'Basement'- Once again, the old lowest part of the OG 8-track is now open again and it now connects with a re-route to 'Sunday Driver' (Unofficial Name, if your riding behind a DH rig) to the SE corner of 'Family Man Skills Loop.'
Spag-Factory- (XC Route to Mitchell Ridge from Blue Car junction) Open, with re-routing up the 'Post Flats' ATV Staging Area. Only 15 minutes to 'Frankenstein' and another 3 minutes your at 'Postal and High Ball'.
Drop Out- Upper trail has new drop and updated first corner, rest of trail is open until you see the giant wallride. Most likely you will see Chris Elsmore diligently building a huge left turning wallride dubbed to be the largest wood structure in Post Canyon. Its OPEN, but ride with care!!!
Middle School- Perfect, OPEN!
Frankenstein- The only trail we advise for 'Experts and Pro' level riders. Armor and balls of steel required to safely make it to 'Seven Streams' in one piece. Several projects going on- At this time- TRAIL IS 80% OPEN.
East Jesus- No longer there- Decommissioned on April 13th 2009.
Postal and High Ball- Both are old, run-down, and lots of debris everywhere- currently under a full rennovation, CLOSED!
Family Man Skills Loop- OPEN! Work is progressing along on the added 'Rhythm Trail' Pumptrack and should be complete by middle of May for the next GFRA Trail report!

If I missed anything, feel free to leave a comment below. Donations of material, clean fill dirt, and financial contributions are always welcome. Contact the area builders at to discuss your bike 'karma!' Ride aware, ride with care.

*FREE* 2009 Columbia Cascades Trail Skills College Planned For June 5th,6th and 7th.

This little tidbit of trailbuilding news comes from Jill Van Winkle of CAMBA:

Hey everyone,

PCTA and Trailkeepers of Oregon are putting on a trail skills training workshop in Cascade Locks. Please check out the website to see if you're interested. A great opportunity to work with the hiking and equestrian communities, while also getting great training, including first aid certification and/or chainsaw certification.

Happy Trails,

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Kreps Cows Return To Syncline

I just received an email from CAMBA's Ann McDonald regarding the current conditions over at Syncline.

The cows are in at Hospital Hill 4/6/09. Please don't park at the corral during this time period. Today 5 cars parked there even with all the cattle rigs in sight. It really annoyed the Kreps. We want to be able to ride while the cows are in the pasture, so let all your friends know to not park there right now! Also, they have posted no dogs during this period. Thanks.

Thanks for the heads up Ann!

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Hood River County Approves Hi-Speed Quad In Post Canyon!

In an amazing 9-0 vote today, a high speed quad person chairlift will be installed starting April 1st 2009. The Mt Hood National Forest has sanctioned Post Canyon as the next "Whistler-like" Bike Park and local businesses are celebrating. Local bike shop owner Wags Histail said this to GFRA News "We already have sales on season passes!" The local bike community is allowed to purchase a lifetime pass for $1000. Only 100 of them will be sold, after that- day passes will be $64 with proof of health insurance and yearly passes will be $1500. We are looking for volunteer 'Bike Patrolers' and lift attendants.

Cedric Gracia has reportedly wired his paperwork to secure his lifetime pass and several other top MTB'er such as:
Wade Simmons, Paul Bas, Brandon Semenuk, Cam McCaul, Tyler McCaul, Kyle Strait, Cameron Zink, The Athertons, Steve Peat, Sam Hill and Steve Smith (US Open DH Champ).

The chair will be operated by soley on 'green' power from the John Day Wind Farms.