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Ripping 'Bavarian' Style Snow Covered Trails

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Post Canyon Trail Map App!

'There's an App For That!' You know the current marketing slogan is pretty catchy for the Apple store. The iPhone is owned by 8.75 Million (sorta happy) customers (no wonder why ATT can't handle the service) and with over a million app's sold in the Application Store on iTunes its easy to apply an application to a specific sporting use. Well, Arthur Babitz of Hood River fame has personally experienced trail questions on his own bike rides and figured it was time to create an application that any user inside the Post Canyon Trails system could simply 'push a button' and get a pin dropped to show your exact location. This is an impressive solution and everyone at the HR Country Trails is waiting for this to be available on the iTunes App Store this winter.  Once Arthur gets the most current updated maps including the new 'Bad Motor Scooter, Sexy Beast, Mobius Strip and additions to the 'Boot Loop' it will get announced here to purchase as a portion of proceeds will be donated by Arthur back into the trails committee. Discussions of adding 'Current Trail Conditions' and 'Trail Features' were lively and the trailbuilders are hoping there will be a way to report trail damage to the specific trail stewards by using this app as well. Welcome to the George Jetson era folks. Enjoy this candid video I shot at last nights meeting of Arthur introducing his creation:

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Post Canyon Trail Report!

Post Canyon Trail SNOW Report! Trails are buried under a foot of snow. Trailbuilders are stalled until roads clear up. Go shred the chairlifts!

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Time Warp Tuesday- Photo Flashback

Before there was a 'Middle School' there was this contraption. 

Thursday, November 18, 2010

New Trails You Say? Road 44 to Lil John Rec Area!

Source: Arthur Babitz-CAMBA

Thanks to all of you who turned out last night to hear Jim Thornton explain the trail opportunities presented by the USFS road decommissioning project.  We need to send some comments to the USFS by *tomorrow* (Friday).  Please crosslink with other mtb groups, and if you missed the meeting hopefully there's enough info here for you to make an informed comment anyway.

Here are the promised links:
send electronic comments to:
project contact:  Michelle Lombardo,,  503-668-1796

Please send your comments by *tomorrow* so they can be considered for the scoping phase of this project.  I'll share my own comments below.  Feel free to steal anything you want.  More personal comments will have more impact, but remember to send something, even if it's only a few sentences,  so the Forest Service will have a gauge of the depth of interest in the community.  This will also establish you as an "interested party" so you will be kept informed of all actions related to this project.

My comments:

I wish to comment on the proposed road decommissioning project "increment 3" in the Mt. Hood National Forest.  I've had a chance to review the maps, and I think there are significant opportunities to use decommissioned roads to improve non-motorized recreation in the forest.  This is particularly important to those of us in Hood River, as the recreational opportunities in the Mt. Hood National Forest are so vital to our local economy and our quality of life.

In the White River area,  I am especially interested in McCubbins Gulch as well as improved connectivity to and through the Bonney Meadows area.  Some important trail connections were recently lost to mountain biking through Wilderness designation, but the decommissioned roads could allow us to redevelop some longer routes.  Since it can take several hours to get to the White River area from the nearest major population centers, people who make the effort to get there are looking for more than just a quick ride on a single trail.  If we can restore some of the connectivity in this area riders will be able to take a 4+ hour epic rides, instead of shorter out-and-backs or quick loops.  Camping opportunities in the area make this especially attractive.

I would also like to encourage the Forest Service to allow trail development on some previously decommissioned roads elsewhere in the Barlow and Hood River Ranger Districts.  There are many miles of old road near Knebal Springs, for example, that could add some great riding in an area that is very accessible and popular among residents and visitors to Hood River.  I also think some of the roads around Little John Snow Park could be used to make a great freeride biking route.  There is already developed parking at the snow park, and the easy highway access would mean not only could it be popular with riders but the thousands of people who drive the Mt. Hood Loop could be treated to the spectacle by watching the riders from the snow park.

Please keep me informed of the progress with this project.  I know we are just at the scoping phase, but I look forward to discussing specific trails-- how they will be constructed and how they will be maintained--  when we reach that part of the planning.  Also, if you can provide me with maps of previously decommissioned roads in the Barlow and Mt. Hood Districts,  it would help me prepare more specific recommendations for trails outside of the scope of this project.

Thank you.

Arthur Babitz

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TimeWarp Tuesday! Photo Flashback: Frankenstein

Source: Douglas Johnson
Frankenstein! (all stunts in pictures no longer exist sadly) 

Monday, November 15, 2010

'Life Cycles' Portland Premier Showing at Hollywood Theater! Nov 16th Tuesday!

Source- Northwest Trails Alliance

PDX Premiere – Presented by Fat Tire Farm & Pedal Nation
Date:  Tuesday, November 16th, 2010
Time: 7:00 PM
Hollywood Theatre – Portland, Oregon
Life Cycles OFFICIAL Trailer from Life Cycles on Vimeo.

Sunday, November 14, 2010

'Bad Motor Scooter' Work Party Recap!

On Nov 13th we set a new record for a work party turnout! With this kind of momentum its amazing how much work can be completed in a 6 hour time period. Here are some great photos taken by Corbin Crimmins and a few taken with my cell phone. Thanks again to everyone that came out! Stay tuned for more work party announcements. Huge thanks to Dakine, Alpinestars, World Industries and Timberline Ski Area for all the product donations.  Also, one loud shout out to Tom Slovak and Tom Archer of the Northwest Trails Alliance for your amazing support.
 The Mayor was on scene! Photo Corbin Crimmins
 Great turnout! Thanks to everyone! Photo Corbin Crimmins
 Gabe has become part of the 'loyal' crew and its guys like this that have made these work parties a success! Photo Corbin Crimmins 
 Sam Pinner, Trail leader, driving force behind the installation of this trail. Photo Corbin Crimmins 
 Thats how it gets done! Photo Corbin Crimmins
Rocky, The Mayor's Dog resting after assisting with rock detail. Photo Corbin Crimmins
'Drop Out' Wallride is looking pretty boss. Chris Elsmore also wants those doubting this would NOT be done- then the next picture is for you. Photo Corbin Crimmins
Photo Mike Estes
 Sam got the crew to make some nice rollers. Photo Mike Estes
 A brown ribbon of dirt after the days effort. Photo Mike Estes
End of day, loading up. Sam Pinner. Photo Mike Estes

Saturday, November 13, 2010

Post Canyon Photo Time Machine

Source: Douglas Johnson

This shot isn't from Post Canyon, but worthy of viewing in my opinion. Dig the reflection in the water.

If you have a photo for the 'Time Machine' then please email all JPEG submissions to 

Monday, November 8, 2010

Nov 13th Work Party Callout!

This Saturday Nov 13th is another trail work party. Starting at 9am at 'Family Man' arrive with gloves, water and snacks. Check-in at the 'Rockstar' Pop Up Tent and get assigned to a trail leader. Dogs are welcome. If your an experienced work party attendee- then you know the tools to bring. For those of you new, no worries, we will have lots of tools to checkout. But if you have a flat head shovel, rake, pulaski, mccleod or lopers handy, then bring them along. Thanks in advance for spreading the word this year- the results have been nothing short of stellar!

Saturday, November 6, 2010

Who wants a dirtjump park?

This last week I drove to Bend Oregon with Sam Pinner to investigate all the work recently completed. While driving thru Redmond OR, this bike park located just to the right of the Hwy near the Hospital was so simple that I started thinking we could have one of these in Hood River. So who's with me? We need to start an email petition to the HR County Forestry Office and propose a dirt jump area. Its time! 

In Bend, we got a good giggle at this rest stop that doubles as a skinny. Very creative and from the gouging marks on the down side its taken several people out according to the locals with us. Ah, Bend Oregon really inspired us. Just be careful if your near the slalom loop if you have a dog. 

Sweet new skinny installed at 'Family Man' 

Email with a nice positive words of encouragement to designate an   'Jump Skills Area' in Family Man!

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

NW Trails Alliance Announces Sandy Ridge Work Parties!


Update: Help Needed--  We're looking for a couple of people to help greet people and get them signed in for the Nov 6th/Dec 4th work parties.  If you can help, please email You don't have to be an experienced trail builder for this, just be able to smile and make people feel welcome upon arrival.  Thanks!

The BLM and NWTA have announced the volunteer work party dates for the 2010-2011 build season. 
The main build dates are on the following Saturdays:
  • November 6th, 2010
  • December 4th, 2010
  • January 15th, 2011
  • February 12th, 2011
  • March 12th, 2011
  • April 9th, 2011
  • May 14th, 2011
  • June 4th. 2011 (National Trail Day and dedication of Sandy Ridge)
*NEW* for this season is an incentive program:  for each work day you attend, you get an entry for a drawing to happen in June for the Sandy Ridge Trail dedication on National Trail Day.  Sponsors have contributed some serious bike schwag, details to be announced.
Northwest Trail Alliance is excited to be involved with such a great project that seems to keep getting better.  All trail work parties will have a meetup time at 9:00AM with the intent of being done and riding at 1:00PM.  Come help be a part of making these trails some of the best trails around the Pacific Northwest.
Can't make Saturdays?  Arrangements can be made if you would like to help out building trail during the week.  Contact Zach Jarrett, Lead Recreation Planner for the BLM (
Have a group that would like to come out and work together for a trail work day?  Contact Tom Slovak (

Continued thanks to the BLM and IMBA and YOU for making this the great trail system that it is today!

Fall Building Is Upon Us!

Just a heads up to all MTB'ers heading down 'ChorusX' that there is new trailwork going on! In the words of Trailbuilder/Steward Douglas Johnson 'everything is going from a B-cup to a 'DD-cup' over the winter' so here's a heads up. Look before you leap!

Sunday, October 31, 2010

Massive Turnout For Oct 30th Work Party at 'Family Man'

First off- THANKS TO EVERYONE WHO SHOWED UP! The response was absolutely incrediable. Lots of work done Oct 30th at Family Man and its really hard not to notice the new 'Pump Trail' installed by Jim Mudry-Dave Bissets Crew right through the center of 'Family Man'. The Pumptrack 'Rhythm Trail' is now enlarged and had 30+ backs and 2 machines moving lots of dirt. The end result will be one of the 'Greatest Destination' pumptracks the NW has ever seen. Check out the photos! Next work party will be Nov 13th! Details will be posted here.

Friday, October 29, 2010

Help Me 'Name This Trail'

I need help folks. I need your creative trail naming hats to be put on and help me 'Name This Trail!' Here's what Sam and I were hoping to acheive. Our new trail leaves  the 'Extended Play'/'8-Track' area and connects to 'Lower Grand Prix/Baby GP'. So the name chosen will be a perfect representation of music and motorsports. For Example:
'Vynil Richie' 'The Fabulous Thunderbirds' 'Cars' 'Gym Class Bullies' and even today we thought of using 'Victorias Secret' and it almost stuck. I've been calling it 'Love Handles' during the presentation and original discussions with the HR County. So as you can see- WE JUST NEED A GOOD NAME! For instance- when installing 'Middle School' we all wanted it be called 'Happy Meal' but it sent the wrong message to kids. McDonalds doesn't deserve the love if you ask me.

Please leave a name suggestion in the comments. Come to Saturdays Oct 30th Work Party from 9am-Noon. Bring Water, Gloves, Rakes, McCleods, Lopers and your personal tunes. The work done already should get you all FIRED UP!