Monday, November 2, 2009

Looking To Cure The Winter-time Bike Racing Blues?

This year in the Pacific NW is going to be revolutionary. Not only will you be able to shred (or ski) sweet cherry-cherry Pow pow, but you can also grab your bike and race 'Indoor 4X' at the Port Orchard WA Peninsula track. National 4X Sport Champ Jason Gibbs is designing a track that will be weather-proof racing. If you don't mind the 2 hour drive from Portland (3 from Hood River) then you should scope out the Go BMX website here.

Bike Demos by Transition, Corsair, Kona, Redline and Cove on select race dates. Prizes for end of race raffles are piling up and worth the enrty fee/participation factor. Bring your love for bikes and friends, it will be a good time. Not to mention you can stay the night up there and ride Colonnade (at Seattle WA Lakeview Exit under the I-5 bridge) A place everyone must see and ride!