Friday, March 26, 2010

Dogs Not Allowed On Hospital Hill

Source: Wayne Silver
An annual friendly reminder.
Hi All.

Kreps Ranch will be turning cows out on their
property, known as Hospital Hill.  The first
trucks will be there March 26, 2010.    As posted
by gates there are NO Dogs allowed in the pasture
from now until July--No Dogs even on leashes.
Please keep all gates closed.  They are again
posting NO Parking  at the corral area on Spring
Street/Barnedt Road.  That is a county road, but
the parking around that area is mostly on private
property.  The reason for posting the No Parking
signs, Ranch trucks and trailers take a lot of
room to park and to turn around.   The Ranch
owners will be down there off and on throughout
the cows stay on Hospital Hill.

The cows are usually a bit scared when they first
get to their new pasture.  If you are up there,
stop, let the cows wander off, this is their
place.  As most of us know, by the time Ranch
gathers them they hardly notice a mountain bike or
hiker.  Be respectful, this is private property.

Please also let any friends know who are not CAMBA


Thursday, March 25, 2010

Work Party Callout for Lower GP

Source: Jason Wells

Next Sunday I am going to finish the connector intersection with lower GP.  I plan on having the machine there to put a better bench on Baby GP.  I would like a small group to build a quarter pipe step-up jump after the last jump on lower GP.  That jump is hitting great but we need to add dirt to the face since the logs are starting to show.

Work Party:
9:00 am start time
Bottom of lower GP and Riordan Road at the step-up jumps.

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Black Rock Beginner MTB Rides Hosted By Santiam Bicycles

                              SOURCE: DOUGLAS JOHNSON
Santiam will be hosting beginner group rides starting in April. We've had this idea for a long time and are finally ready to give it a try. The impetus for starting this is that so many beginner riders either don't know where to ride, don't have people to ride with, or are worried about getting lost or having a mechanical failure out in the wilderness. For now, the plan is for it two Saturdays a month. If there becomes a demand we will also start an intermediate ride once a month for those who feel up to a greater challenge, and will also give the beginners a goal to shoot for.

Below is the first ride post I made on the Santiam Bicycle Group Rides message board, thought I'd include it to save you time:

Ok, pre-rode our first Beginner's Group Ride route. I found a very easy route to take that will still take us through some beautiful scenery. We will be going to Silver Creek falls and ride a small section of trail there.. Meet at the Rite-Aid parking lot at 9am. (This means be there by 8:45 so we can load up and be ready to leave by 9.) If you live near Silver Creek Falls and would like to meet us there, we will be parking at WinterFall parking area. I imagine we should be there by 10. Sorry if we're late. We will do our best to car-pool. Please bring a few dollars to give to anyone you may be sharing a ride with. You will also need $3 to pay for parking unless you have the yearly State Parks pass. Don't forget your helmet, gloves, shoes and something to snack on as I will fight to the death for my food. Hope to see you all there. It will be fun.
There is more information on the Santiam Bicycle web site if you have any more questions. Also, there is a new message board that is specifically for our group rides. I you have any friends or family that have expressed an interest in riding mountain bike but are looking for other beginners to ride with, please pass on this info to them. Hope to see ya all out there.

Santiam Bicycle Inc.
388 commercial st ne
Salem, Or. 97301

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Hitler's Whistler Trip Poorly Planned Out

Enjoy this hilarious video of Adolf getting the news that 'his' boys don't know how to book a trip to Whistler:

Sunday, March 14, 2010

A Re-cap Video of the 09 HR Super D

I found this kick ass video,  shot by local Kevin Tokstad covering last years Hood River Super D- enjoy!

Hood River Super D Mountain Bike Race 2009 from kevin tokstad on Vimeo.

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Hood River Premier of Women Of Dirt Benefit

 Hood River, OR -   On Saturday, March 27th Ride Division presents the film premiere of,  “Awesomeland: Women of Dirt” at 8:00pm at the Columbia Center for the Arts, 215 Cascade Ave. in Hood River. The event is a benefit for trail building in the Hood River area. A reception will be held before the show, beginning at 7:00pm.  During the reception, beer and wine will be available for sale.  The film will run for 60 minutes followed by a raffle with items from event sponsors, Alpinestars, Rockstar and Sombrio.  DVDs of the film along with Women of Dirt t-shirts will be sold throughout the night. Tickets may be purchased in advance online for $9 at

Awesome Land: Women Of Dirt is a unique look into the world of Downhill Racing, Dirt Jumping and Freeriding. This film looks through the eyes of the wondrous women that have helped grow the sport of Gravity Mountain Biking with their strength and courage. Other mountain bike films have overlooked these vibrant and dedicated women, but no longer! Awesome Land: Women Of Dirt celebrates the mountain bike while celebrating the women who love them. It is a beautiful and energetic film that opens a window into an awesome world. The Lady Riders staring in this film are Tammy Donahugh, Stephanie Nychka, Cierra Smith, Emily Johnston, Lisa Myklak, Jill Kintner, Leana Gerrard, Dawn Cashen, Katrina Strand, Kathy Pruitt, and Darcy Turenne.

“Mountain-biking documentaries are hardly rare, yet rarely do they convey the kind of heightened experience of being alive that the women athletes in "Awesome Land" so clearly feel. Many of the cyclists shown engaging in their extreme sport are past and present champions of women's downhill racing and related competitions in dirt jumping and free riding. But, on film at least, they spend little time talking about their personal victories, preferring to celebrate their inclusion in an activity gradually gaining respect in a male-dominated field.”  -Seattle Times

“’Women of Dirt’ is long overdue as a tribute to women opening the sport and zeitgeist of freeriding to a whole new generation of riders.” -Bike Intelligencer

For more information visit &

The Columbia Center for the Arts is located at 215 Cascade Ave, downtown Hood River.  CCA is a non-profit organization whose mission is to promote an arts rich environment in the Columbia Gorge.      

What :            Awesomeland: Women of Dirt Film Premiere
When :           Saturday,  March 27th , 2010   –   7:00pm Reception,  8:00pm Film
Pricing :         $9 purchased in advance.
Tickets :         Tickets are available online in advance at,
Location :       CCA Theater, Columbia Center for the Arts,  215 Cascade Ave., Hood River, OR

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Work Party Callout! Spaghetti Factory Extension

Source: Douglas Van Zandt

Trail Work Party to do initial work on the new Spaghetti Factory extension in Post Canyon.

When: Saturday 3/13
Time:  9 Am - 12
Where To Meet: Lower Post Canyon staging area--where pavement turns to dirt, near the trail kiosk. 
What To Bring: Water, Snacks, Gloves, Safety glasses, McLeod's and Pulaski's. 

If you have any questions please contact Douglas Van Zandt at 541-490-9572. 

Egghunt Gets A Facelift

Douglas emailed me some photo's of his work on 'Egghunt' to share with you all. Check it out.

Saturday, March 6, 2010

Friday, March 5, 2010

Blind Bobby McMullen- INSPIRATION!

Blind Bobby is at it again! 2010 is here and Bobby McMullen, team member of the WTB/SantaCruz/Fox squad, is throwing a new website your way:  You can check out what Bobby has been up to on his blog; view his race schedule/events schedules- shoot him an email and heckle him; get a look at his sponsors, or take in a vid or some pics.
Bobby is not only out there with his guides at the races and events, he is throwing his hat into the motivational speaking arena. If you've haven't seen him in action on stage, he makes it personal. He shares his less-than-normal life and makes every person in the audience feel involved in life, on the bike, and as if they are the only person in the room. You might laugh a bit as well! Details about speaking engagements can be found on the site. Check it out: - Bobby can also be found on Facebook at RideBlindRacing's fan page ( Cheers!

Monday, March 1, 2010

Coyote and Catherine Creek Trail Meeting

Source: Kay Kucera

Tuesday, March 2
6:00 - 8:00 PM
Best Western, Hood River

Here's a last minute reminder for the Syncline meeting.  It is very important that we all go and present our comments regarding the management plan. Remember - once the decision is final, there are no provisions to ever re-examine or revise the decision.

Some points to keep in mind (when attending the meeting):

Connector route from Atwood road to Loose Lucy (replaces Jeff's, Shoestring, and upper Loose Lucy)
Dogs off-leash
Designated routes for horses
All users confined to trails

See you there!