Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Mountain Bike Trailbuilders Unite!

Your invited to attend a Hood River Area Trailbuilding Stewardship Meeting. Sept 30th, Thursday at 7pm a group of trailbuilders will meet, plan work parties and discuss electing a board of local mountain bikers to oversee many aspects of the areas needs. Please allow for a strong hour of discussion. This is not a 'trails committee' meeting. Strictly Mountain Bikers ONLY!

Where: White Buffalo on Westcliff Drive, next to the Columbia Gorge Hotel
Time: 7pm
Bring: A couple dollars for a glass of wine or beer.

2010 Fluidride Cup DH Finals at Mt Hood Ski Bowl

Source:Pinkbike and Andy Tran

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Motorized Use Officially Back OPEN

Source: Henry Buckalew and Rick Higgens CGORA

Columbia Gorge Off Road Association News and Work Party Planned For Oct 2nd. This group gets huge accolades for re-routing the shuttle drop off point off Binns Hill Rd to '2 Chairs 2' and '3 Blind Mice'. Instead of bombing down 'The Tobaggen Chute' all users now have a nice meandering trail that is very sustainable and designed for MTB (even though its a connector for the motorized crowd) if you haven't ridden lately. No fears, the dirt is incrediable and very nice right now. 

Interested in participating in a work party and get some good 'Ju-Ju' while on your bike. Here's the details.

The Columbia Gorge Off-Road Association and the Hood River County Forestry Department are having a trail work party at Hood River, Oregon. 

CGORA Trail Work Party 
Trail #191L 
Northwest Area, Hood River County Trail System 
Hood River, Oregon 
Saturday October 2, 2010 
9:00am - 1:00pm Work Party 

Thanks to everyone that helped during the last CGORA Work Party on Trail #191L!  We should be able to finish the last half of this Loop during this Work Party. This is a motorcycle and quad loop trail near Kingsley Reservoir.  We will be removing rocks and brush from the trail and improving the tread.  Bring water, lunch, safety glasses, and work gloves. We will be providing McLeods, Pulaskis, Rakes, and Loppers etc. We will walk into the work area. All volunteer hours are used to satisfy in-kind grant requirements. You can bring your bike and ride after the Work Party.  The trails will open on Monday, September 20.

Directions to the Trail Work Party Area: 

From I-84, exit at Hood River exit (exit 62), go south (east) on Cascade/Oak St., and immediately make the next right turn (west) on Country Club Rd. Take Country Club Rd to Barrett Dr and turn right (west), staying on Country Club Rd past Hood River Golf to Oak Grove. Turn right (west) at the Old Oak Grove Store and take Binns Hill Rd up the hill to Kingsley Rd.  Turn left (south) on Kingsley Rd and drive 5.9 miles to the Kingsley Reservoir Staging Area. We will walk into Trail 191L. Meet at 9:00 am sharp!

Sunday, September 19, 2010


We need a dirtjump line in Post Canyon like this someday. Oh we can dream can't we? Here's a video of some guys who realized there own scene and look pretty happy about it. Don't you aggree?

Sunday, September 5, 2010

Coyote Denning on Spaggetti Factory- BEWARE!

No email came out about this- so be warned. If your riding with your dogs on upper 'Spaggetti Factory' be warned that some Coyotes are possibly 'denning' and preparing for a long winter. I've seen tracks in 'Frankenstein' so they must be in that particular area. Be careful with your trail pet as the fall rainy season progresses.
Photo By Carl Warren