Tuesday, March 10, 2009

30 Days Of Silence-Interrupted

Sorry for not updating the blog. Its been a very busy time for all trailbuilders in the area. I took some photos to show you all how its looking out here..........enjoy! 

Lots of work on 'Grand Prix' by Jason Wells (from what I've personally seen) this trail will be most popular for the upcoming 2009 'dust bunnie' season. Notice the new shape of a take-off. 
And notice the nice new landing area. 
Extended Play looks like a snowboard terrain park with no snowboarders...............or skiers. 
Table-top town or is it 'Extended Play's' last 3 gaps? Where's my snow sled? 
Entry into 'Grand Prix' has changed a little...........I wonder if Wells will make this into a skinny?

As of this posting- No official "Work Parties" are planed. 

Donations are accepted, if your able to donate materials or monetary contributions please contact the GFRA at gfra@gorge.net

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  1. nice! we ran across these I think a couple weeks ago, looks like it will be superduper. Here's a recap of our day: http://sweetschoolbus.blogspot.com/2009/03/hood-river-or.html

    keep up the good work!