Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Hood River County Approves Hi-Speed Quad In Post Canyon!

In an amazing 9-0 vote today, a high speed quad person chairlift will be installed starting April 1st 2009. The Mt Hood National Forest has sanctioned Post Canyon as the next "Whistler-like" Bike Park and local businesses are celebrating. Local bike shop owner Wags Histail said this to GFRA News "We already have sales on season passes!" The local bike community is allowed to purchase a lifetime pass for $1000. Only 100 of them will be sold, after that- day passes will be $64 with proof of health insurance and yearly passes will be $1500. We are looking for volunteer 'Bike Patrolers' and lift attendants.

Cedric Gracia has reportedly wired his paperwork to secure his lifetime pass and several other top MTB'er such as:
Wade Simmons, Paul Bas, Brandon Semenuk, Cam McCaul, Tyler McCaul, Kyle Strait, Cameron Zink, The Athertons, Steve Peat, Sam Hill and Steve Smith (US Open DH Champ).

The chair will be operated by soley on 'green' power from the John Day Wind Farms.


  1. Do builder get a discount?

  2. Wow finally some proof that government really works!

  3. this has got to be a april fools thing right? to good to be true!

  4. Oh Oh. I just learned we got it all wrong. The county approved High Speed Quads (4 wheel ORV's) in the canyon. We need to organize reverse this outrageous decision immediately.

  5. how could you have mixed the two, chair lift (quad) vs. fourwheeler (quad). It's not like a fourwheeler can run soley off of green wind energy.

    I'll buy a pass for sure. Do we know pricing for day use or even season passes?

    - Ryan Daugherty

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