Friday, May 29, 2009

Whoopee Trail Work Party Sat May 30th!

Just shooting a reminder out for the work party on the Whoopdee this Saturday 5/30 at 9AM.

We are working on a re-connection between the first little log bridge
near the Elder road starting point and about the second whoopdee. The new trail has been been 80% cleared using a DR brush hog but still needs tread work and more brush clearing.

We need as many people as we can get for this please. We can break up
into smaller groups so we need the experienced trail crew leaders as
well. I am there to work and learn how to work with larger groups and as
a crew leader so your help is appreciated.

We all need the whoopdee open. Even if it is not your favorite trail, we
need it to relieve pressure from Hospital Hill, Syncline and Post
Canyon. This trail is a couple of work parties from being open. It will be rough
but it could be open.

No wind Saturday so there goes half the excuses!!!

Put the word out.....See you there......Thanks

Steve Dunn

More info from the CAMBA website:

When: Saturday May 30th, 9:00 AM

Where: Whoopee Trail, about here: Look for
the white Sportsmobile Camper Van along Elder Road.

Why: To start the reconstruction of the missing piece of the Whoopee

We will be grubbing, clearing corridor and starting tread work. Tools
needed are pulaskies, mcleods, shovels, grub hoes, axes, loppers,
saws, etc.

Please bring water or the beverage of your choice, sunscreen, and wear
closed-toe-shoes and long pants - there is poison oak in this area!
We will be working for about 4 hours, and it will likely be a warm
day, so be prepared.

Please note that this is private land and if you are cross posting
this notice, we are NOT supposed to publish the location of this trail
- ask your friends to meet you early and bring them up. (And please,
by all means, ask your friends!)

The whole story:
The forest had a beetle infestation and the owners decided to do some
massive logging in order to remove the infected trees. Many parts of
the trail were obliterated - one chunk was turned into a logging
road. CAMBA has signed an MOU with the land owners and are working to
re-develop this trail while following the owner's few and reasonable
requests. By putting in a sustainable trail now, even using large
patches of clearcut, in a few years we will have a spectacular wooded
trail nearby. More details will be available from your crewleaders at
9am as we get ready to hit the trail.

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