Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Egghunt Gets A New Addition

Hello Hello,

I've replaced the jump after the Barn Door with the luminary help of Ryan Arndt Engineering/Euthenics and Design to make a feature more of us can truly enjoy after the already awesome sensation of the dropping off the Barn Door. The new design has a 22 foot radius with 5 feet of flat to the lip so your suspension can settle preventing being bucked. It was installed while being filmed yesterday and test ridden with four great riders with different styles from three countries, we feel the gap (13') is a suitable distance until I rebuild the landing. The new landing will be made out of wood with a safety platform and constructed in due time.

Enjoy the ride!

Douglas Johnson


  1. i Hope the new wooden tranny is going to be scooted back like 10 or maybe even 15 feet. I hit that blind the other day not knowing it was so small and i flew it about 30 feet to flat, blew off the bike and almost died. It is a nice lip, but it needs to be better spaced so you dont have to brake check it to the max. the old one was a fine distance, the lip just needed some refining, I would say just space it out a little farther and it will be easier to flow without being on the brakes as much. Just my two cents, no disrespect, just a suggestion, super nice lip though.

  2. Thanks so much for your hard work! Major props