Friday, March 26, 2010

Dogs Not Allowed On Hospital Hill

Source: Wayne Silver
An annual friendly reminder.
Hi All.

Kreps Ranch will be turning cows out on their
property, known as Hospital Hill.  The first
trucks will be there March 26, 2010.    As posted
by gates there are NO Dogs allowed in the pasture
from now until July--No Dogs even on leashes.
Please keep all gates closed.  They are again
posting NO Parking  at the corral area on Spring
Street/Barnedt Road.  That is a county road, but
the parking around that area is mostly on private
property.  The reason for posting the No Parking
signs, Ranch trucks and trailers take a lot of
room to park and to turn around.   The Ranch
owners will be down there off and on throughout
the cows stay on Hospital Hill.

The cows are usually a bit scared when they first
get to their new pasture.  If you are up there,
stop, let the cows wander off, this is their
place.  As most of us know, by the time Ranch
gathers them they hardly notice a mountain bike or
hiker.  Be respectful, this is private property.

Please also let any friends know who are not CAMBA


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