Thursday, April 8, 2010

Timberline Lodge Announces Lift Service For 2011- Needs Imput!

While there is much planning and work to do, we have set a course toward offering the region's best lift-serviced downhill mountain bike trails. If you're half as excited about this as we are, you've already jumped out of your chair!

Working with the US Forest Service as Partners In Recreation – our goal is to fill a growing public need that is currently under-serviced in our region. Mountain bike trails within the Timberline permit area will be continually monitored and managed in a professional capacity – with a focus on safety, minimizing environmental impacts, and creating fun trails that mountain bikers want to ride. Trails for all ability levels are planned, as well as a skills park and complete rental facility for all needed gear to prepare you for a fun day on the mountain.

World Class Facility
We have contracted with Gravity Logic, a consulting firm out of Whistler, British Columbia to design and develop our mountain bike trail plans. Gravity Logic is the creator of the world-famous Whistler Mountain Bike Park that has earned the position of being the gold-standard by which other mountain bike areas are measured.

Commitment To Quality
Building fun trails is one thing. Building, managing and maintaining a quality mountain bike experience is another. We’re positioned to do the latter with solid commitment, expert consultation, and an eye for detail. Trails will be constructed using tested methodologies created by professional groups such as IMBA (International Mountain Bike Association) and NWTA (Northwest Trail Alliance). If it isn’t fun, strong, and built-to-last — you won’t find it at Timberline.

Active Management
With homegrown mountain bike trails popping up all over the forest, a major difference with our project will be the ongoing, active management of the area. A full-time trail maintenance crew will be employed to ensure the initial design is maintained. This will create a more consistent environment for mountain bike riders and will also maintain the areas integrity with the surrounding environment.

Scoping & Planning
An in-depth planning and scoping period is underway to ensure all angles of the project are considered. The USFS is leading an analysis in which potential environmental impacts are addressed. We’re also looking to the mountain biking community for feedback on our plans. We want to ensure our creation is above and beyond expectations on opening day!

Long Term Commitment
Timberline was built in 1937, and has been operated by RLK and Company for over 50 years. We’ve been and will continue to be here for the long haul. We see mountain biking as an integral part of our year-round recreation plan, and will treat this project as one of the primary pillars of our company’s future. This will continue our tradition of creating new jobs and providing a boost to the local economy.

Our commitment to quality will also include an emphasis on safety through proper management, design and signage. Additionally, we will have a volunteer bike patrol, first aid services and trail guides.

Environmental Charter
A fundamental principle of Timberline is to provide quality recreation within the capabilities of the ecosystem. We care deeply about the environment on which we recreate. Before erecting our newest chairlift – the Jeff Flood Express — we embarked on a multi-year Environment Impact Study which involved a team of scientists, specialists and concerned citizens. That study will be used, in conjunction with new data, to ensure our impact to the environment with this project is well within the limits deemed appropriate by the US Forest Service. By creating an amazing venue for mountain biking within our managed boundary, our hope is that it will lessen the impact of the sport in other areas of the forest.

Current Timeline (*Subject to change)
Project Scoping :: Now
Phase 1 Build-Out :: Fall 2010
Trails Open :: Summer 2011

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