Thursday, May 27, 2010

NW Trails Alliance/Black Rock Shuttle Day Fundraiser!

Source: BRMBA and NW Trails Alliance

Northwest Trail Alliance is hosting a shuttle day event at Black Rock Mountain Bike Area (near Falls City, Oregon) for people who have donated $55 or more towards the match funding needed for purchase of ST240 singletrack trail construction machine.

NWTA has been recommended for funding thru Oregon Parks & Recreation for an 2010 RTP grant requesting $90,000 towards project for purchase of trail machine, enclosed trailer, and operator training.   But NWTA needs to raise about $18,000 in match funding (we have secured $8,000 so far), and this shuttle fundraiser event will generate at least another $4,000 towards our goal.

How to earn a shuttle pass 

Step 1: Donate!  To donate, use the NWTA Shopping Cart --   a) add amount to cart, b) click Shopping Cart link to Checkout (and pay by credit card).  You can specify a larger amount if you wanted to.  why donate more?  I dunno, say, maybe because you wanted to attend Saturday evening shuttle event as well which requires minimum donation of $75 and just cuz you are giving to help pay for an awesome trail building machine to be owned and managed by NWTA under a new "Trail Development Partnership Program" (being developed).
To donate by mailing in a personal check, contact for instructions and be sure to specify ST240 donation in memo.
Donation Award Levels available:
"Full Meal Deal (you bring the meal)" Donation Level - If you donate at least $75 towards grant matching, then you can sign-up (just once below) to receive two passes - one for evening of Saturday, July 24th (starting at 3pm-ish) and another pass for full day Sunday, July 25th.   Saturday Lunch/Dinner NOT provided.
"Sunday! Sunday! Sunday! (only)" Donation Level - If you donate at least $55 towards grant matching, then as a thank you for your support you can sign-up for a shuttle day pass on Sunday, July 25th.   LUNCH INCLUDED.
Step 2:  REGISTER to RIDE!  After you donate, be one of the first 100 to sign-up for event (limit is 100 participants).  Must donate at least $55 (or $75 if shuttling Saturday evening), as a thank you for your support... You may register for this event!  Sign-in at and click "Sign up for NWTA Black Rock Shuttle Day Fundraiser Event" to be added to participant list!  

Note: shuttle passes ARE transferrable but sorry no refunds on donations.  Contact for registration transfers.

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