Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Columbia Area Transit (aka CAT) Shuttle Raised To $2

The CAT drivers recently have had to raise the fee for a shuttle service ride in the air conditioned luxury road liner a whole $.50, so now per person rates are now $2. I'm not complaining one bit, its a great deal. The driver wouldn't even accept our tips and we now know how to turn that big bus around without too much headaches as well. So give CAT a call and plan your shuttle in advance at 541 386 4202. They will pick you up anywhere in Hood River and deliver you to the goods from the Binns Hill Rd ATV Staging Area for a drop off point. A short 5 min pedal/push to the '2 Chair' entry or 10 minutes of pushing/pedaling to 'Hidden Trail'.
Source of Photo: Global News/Google Images

Also, a recent Level 3 Fire status was set this week which means absolutely no motorized use is in force for fire season. Lets hope the MTX/ATV crowd gets the news and lowdown without any serious incidents this year.

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