Monday, July 25, 2011

Dirty Fingers Bike Shop Robbed-Again

Dirty Fingers Bikes has been robbed of its identity

Dear friends of the Finger,
It is with a heavy heart that I write this to inform all of you that for the second time in less than a year, Dirty Fingers has been the victim of theft.
The first time was mere property. Things that could, and eventually did get replaced. This time the theft was deeper, more profound, and almost irreplaceable. This time the theft was of our very identity. It has been brought to our attention that there is an imposter in our midst. The imposter in question goes by the name of Brian Anderson (if that is indeed his real name). Brian is the owner of, get this, Greasy Fingers Bicycle Repair in Sandpoint Idaho. For the curious, their website is
You will notice the incredible similarities in logo, site design, shop layout, and philosophy. The text on their site is lifted directly from ours. Especially the “who we are” section and the labor rates. He even stole the name of our signature tune, “the full Monte”. (I bet if you ask him why we call it that he would have no idea). The labor info has been changed as of Saturday night from full Monte to full tune and from the quickie to the jiffy (sheesh dude, so lame). Brian the imposter has also taken down the greasy fingers facebook page as of Friday in an effort to avoid being publicly called out for being a total fraud.
We also like the greasy fingers shop ride, the “six pack alley cat” , where you ride and then get beer. This is nothing like the Post and Pint. Yeah right. It has been said that imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, but in this case I find that saying to be total bullshit. I have worked so hard to get Dirty Fingers to where it is, at great cost to my health and personal life. I created Dirty Fingers with the last $1500 dollars I had in this world. From our humble beginnings in a trailer, to our very cold winter in a crappy shed with no electricity, to the garage behind the grocery store, to our first legitimate crappy retail location, to the slightly less crappy one we inhabit now. Dirty Fingers was forged with love, sweat, and heart. Everything we are and have done has come from within. To have this dickless unimaginative loser try and steal that is an insult to me and the beloved community that calls this shop their own. I humbly ask the riding community to which I belong, and has been my life pursuit to serve and please, stand by the original and forgo that which is not. Please contact this poser shop and their fraud of an owner to let them know that in the bike industry, as in life, things should be earned and not stolen. Thank you.
Happy Trails,
Dirty Fingers


  1. Staight up Mitchell, We shall give 'em hell!

  2. Hey, you stole "Happy Trails" from me. I used to say that a long time ago. Actually I stole this idea from my co-worker...