Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Use Twitter To Communicate To HRATS Trail Stewards

Todays 'Social Networking' Tips to report a trail hazards or suggest an idea to HRATS Trail Stewards. Firstly I will explain Twitter's simplicity. While writing or texting out a 'tweet' finish your comment with #HRATS or #hrats. Then anyone with a Twitter account can read your comments under the searches. Those with an account can save that search and easily bring up all 'tweets' to read. Those good tweets may get 'Re-Tweeted' to share again. Twitter is like a big party. Enjoy the party.

If your on Facebook, 'like' the Hood River Area Trail Stewards page and communicate with us that way. Now communication is easier than ever to present your concerns, hopes and desires to the #mtb trails we all love.

Any questions, leave a comment.

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