Sunday, November 14, 2010

'Bad Motor Scooter' Work Party Recap!

On Nov 13th we set a new record for a work party turnout! With this kind of momentum its amazing how much work can be completed in a 6 hour time period. Here are some great photos taken by Corbin Crimmins and a few taken with my cell phone. Thanks again to everyone that came out! Stay tuned for more work party announcements. Huge thanks to Dakine, Alpinestars, World Industries and Timberline Ski Area for all the product donations.  Also, one loud shout out to Tom Slovak and Tom Archer of the Northwest Trails Alliance for your amazing support.
 The Mayor was on scene! Photo Corbin Crimmins
 Great turnout! Thanks to everyone! Photo Corbin Crimmins
 Gabe has become part of the 'loyal' crew and its guys like this that have made these work parties a success! Photo Corbin Crimmins 
 Sam Pinner, Trail leader, driving force behind the installation of this trail. Photo Corbin Crimmins 
 Thats how it gets done! Photo Corbin Crimmins
Rocky, The Mayor's Dog resting after assisting with rock detail. Photo Corbin Crimmins
'Drop Out' Wallride is looking pretty boss. Chris Elsmore also wants those doubting this would NOT be done- then the next picture is for you. Photo Corbin Crimmins
Photo Mike Estes
 Sam got the crew to make some nice rollers. Photo Mike Estes
 A brown ribbon of dirt after the days effort. Photo Mike Estes
End of day, loading up. Sam Pinner. Photo Mike Estes


  1. Nice work! Keep it up, hope to help build one of these days. The Wall Ride is looking sweet!

  2. It's so rad I can't stand it. Great work.

  3. Why oh why all the flow/speed killing switchbacks on a shuttle trail?!

  4. Don't judge a book by its cover.

  5. It feels really good to finally be able to build some new trails, features, and pump track at Post. The time has come to put Post back on the top of the list for trail networks.

  6. They are only flow/speed killers !!!! If you don't know How to TURN !!!!!!! ;)