Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Dirtjumps On The Agenda For Next Trails Meeting!

OK Folks, you requested it, some of you even whined a little bit for it and I got it. DIRTJUMPS SKILLS AREA to be voted on at the upcoming Trails Meeting which is scheduled for Tuesday January 25, 2011 at 4:00pm at the Hood River Forestry Department. (located across the street from the community pool and firedept, drive into gated area, straight back about one block and look for a brown building on the right clearly marked "Forestry Dept") A presentation will be made showing other dirtjump skills parks from around the world and we need to show the HR Trails Commitee that there are many people in the Gorge that want a place to progress as 'jumpers' and don't have big dollar full suspension bikes to ride. 

I ask you all planning to attend to be respectful, do not come to the meeting drunk, smoking cigs and cursing up a storm. Multiple users groups will be there and any confrontations during these presentations will only deter the vote to a negative vote. This is a positive dedicated area that will be policed-maintained by riders who are passionate about this specific location. 

Just to clarify- There has not been a walk thru of the planned area yet! Areas of installation are being decided and we will have designers onsite to make sure its 100% feasible for building. Once the Trails Commitee votes on the area being approved. A 'walk-thru' assessment for placing the park will then proceed. SO REALIZE THIS IS THE FIRST STEP! Once the area is approved and we get the green light to build, then its WORK PARTY TIME! Whoo Hoo! This is the first step. I need everyone who rides a hardtail to attend and show support. Pass the word! Post to FB, Twitter or Outerspace, what ever that other one is called. Any questions- leave a comment (here on the blog) and I'll post a reply once discovered. Looking forward to seeing you all there in support! 


  1. I look forward to Weekly work party jump building sessions. Its 2011 Lets Get This Done, better late than never. Come on now this is Hood River, Action sports Capital. We should have dirt jumps. -:)

  2. Weekly Work Parties, That would be Awesome!!! It would progress fast. Nice

  3. http://www.pinkbike.com/news/fogelsode-season-2-episode-6-2011.html

  4. I'm moving to the area in August. Dry season. I have a hardtail. I have shovels. I know how and am willing to dig. What's the score on this development?