Saturday, January 29, 2011

Open House CAMBA Meeting

Source: Wayne Silver, CAMBA

CAMBA meeting Wednesday February 2nd. 7pm at Skyline Hospital, White Salmon

CAMBA is hosting an open to everyone, Open House meeting at the Skyline hospital "community" room located in their basement. Directions to the room will be posted on the main entrance door. Our thanks to Tom Wooding for facilitating use of this location.

 We will be discussing the Forest Services January 7-2011 Decision announcement, to select Proposal #2 plan for the Syncline/Catherine creek recreation area. Here again is the link to that proposal:

We have some changes that we believe could be easily incorporated, as well clarification on other points in the plan. Our intent is to present these, and see what other concerns the larger group may have. Then determine if we have enough support to take these back to the Forest Service and work with them to incorporate our recommendations.

Please share this meeting date with anyone you feel would be interested in this discussion.

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