Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Stolen Bike Alert!!

Source: Shane Blem/Dakine

Hey Everyone, just wanted to throw out a quick note.  Sorry to bug everyone at work.  Anyway, my bike was stolen this morning from the top of the stairs.  Left it there at 8a.m. and went back to get it at 11a.m. and it was gone.  It was hidden in the bushes up there, which is where I usually leave it.  It was not locked.  I’m too trusting I guess.  Anyway, there’s a description below.  It’s a pretty obvious Norco bike with the bright orange bars.  I’m sure most of you have seen me riding it for years.  Let me know if anyone locates it.

Couple notes, it has a brand new set of Kenda Kranium tires on it and the headset has a hole for the break cable to run through it generally.  I’ve removed the cable and zip tied it to my fork, so that would be a pretty obvious mark for the bike.

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