Wednesday, September 14, 2011

MTBrs VS The Roadies!

This coming weekend is when MTBrs and Road Racers collide in a test of who can ride the most 'laps' in a set time period. Originally billed to have two separate tracks at different locations The Hood River Double Cross always seems to be thwarted by Mt Hood area forest fires, so the HR County Fairgrounds is now no longer a venue. Both days will be held at the HRV HS and the course there is very challenging with flowy single track to short climbs across grassy fields over barriers as you cross asphalt sections with ease. Just pray it doesn't rain and mother nature cooperates.

Sat has a Kiddie Cross which is FREE starting at 12:30 and parents can run beside assisting those who need the support. Watch this if your curious about racing your toddler.

For more information go HERE!

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