Friday, December 12, 2008

BRMBA Hosts A Falls City Work Party Dec 13th

Our brethren in Falls City Oregon are hosting a work party. Here's the information provided by the Black Rock Mountain Bike Association. So if your chasing some ride time this weekend- We at the GFRA are expecting a hard hit of weather, enough snow might be shutting down this entire  area. 

The work season has arrived!  Now is the time to do maintenance and work on new projects (trail and features)!   BRMBA can use your help! We will have one build day each month on the 2nd weekend of the month rotating Saturday and Sundays. 

Here is the schedule:

Oct 11th Sat                 Jan 11th Sun                 Apr 12th Sun

Nov 9th Sun                  Feb 15th Sun                May 9th Sat

Dec 13th Sat                 Mar 14th Sat                 Jun 14th Sun


The First 3 work days will be dedicated to maintenance the remaining (if maintenance is complete) will be dedicated to new projects. 


Normal Rules for work days:

Start time @ 9:00 AM

If you are working only then drive up, if you are riding and working then please ride up and we’ll get you where you need to go.

No parking in the camp field!

Bring liquids and lunch unless other wise noted!

You may want gloves (we try and have extras just in case)

If you want to work on a specific project contact so Sean can get you in touch with the trail manager.

There are projects that beginner, intermediates and advanced riders can work on so come work on what you might ride next! 


Thanks for your help and come on our and make the 08/09 build season successful… it’s just more items for you to ride!


Questions contact Rich at or Sean at

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