Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Work Party Announced For Dec 6th

Teamwork on Pratt Lake Trail

Saturday Dec 6th is a busy time for Dave Bisset and Jim Mudry. They just announced a work party to continue the efforts of restoring 8-Track, repair work on  'Extended Play' and if the group is large enough- a crew will be assigned to a simple project on the new "3 Blind Mice" warm up trail. 

If you can attend the meeting spot is "Extended Play" at 9:30 am to organize the plan of attack. Bring water, snacks, gloves and tools of choice (McCloud, Lopers, Rakes, Handsaws, Strong Back, Shovels and a bucket never hurt) 

Please donate to the GFRA. We welcome materials, if your able to make a donation- contact us at gfra@gorge.net

Sure love the videos we are finding, this one of local youth dominating the trails. If this doesn't inspire to get out and contribute- I don't know what will........enjoy the flick! 

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