Tuesday, December 2, 2008

NW School Of Freeride Hardtail/BMX Jam Dec 6th

We have had a ton of requests to open the indoor facility for another BIKES ONLY Jam.   The first jam was a great success.   Riders had a great time.   For this next jam we are trying to step it up by integrating a box jump and additional outdoor street jibs.   Obviously the dirt will be out of commission due to the mud and rain, but we well do our best to have the cement clear of debris and water.  The Jam will go from 12PM-8PM and will also feature a DJ and some food/drink options.


The Liability waiver is now available online by clicking the link below.  If you are under 18, please have your parents take care of this ahead of time.   Booyeah.

Don’t Sue Me Shananagans


Price is $20, and $10 after 5PM.   Your $20 will include some RedBull Energy drinks, cool goodies and a kickback for the DJ.   The DJ is super good by the way.   Good Rock and Roll mix with some added juice from the Hip Hop end of things.   Also, we know its not “Cool” to wear a helmet, but at our spot, you gotta wear a helmet!   If you don’t want to wear a helmet, then ride somewhere else.   If you think helmet rules are stupid, then move to Canada or Switzerland where people don’t sue each other when they get hurt riding their bikes.   So until the USA changes their liability / insurance laws, you will be wearing a helmet at the NW School of Freeride @ Windells.


If you are interested in seeing some of the terrain available, here are some simple video clips of the fun on bikes from the first Fall Jam Last month.



However…….if you really want to see some good footage?   Check out this video of our Pro Hardtail Riding Fool, BILLY LEWIS, getting all jibby wit it.   This Tonic Fabrication rider hooked up with our video power bro Aaron Lutze and slayed it.

Click here to see the video!

Check out the NW School of Freeride website here for camps and clinics. 

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