Friday, October 29, 2010

Help Me 'Name This Trail'

I need help folks. I need your creative trail naming hats to be put on and help me 'Name This Trail!' Here's what Sam and I were hoping to acheive. Our new trail leaves  the 'Extended Play'/'8-Track' area and connects to 'Lower Grand Prix/Baby GP'. So the name chosen will be a perfect representation of music and motorsports. For Example:
'Vynil Richie' 'The Fabulous Thunderbirds' 'Cars' 'Gym Class Bullies' and even today we thought of using 'Victorias Secret' and it almost stuck. I've been calling it 'Love Handles' during the presentation and original discussions with the HR County. So as you can see- WE JUST NEED A GOOD NAME! For instance- when installing 'Middle School' we all wanted it be called 'Happy Meal' but it sent the wrong message to kids. McDonalds doesn't deserve the love if you ask me.

Please leave a name suggestion in the comments. Come to Saturdays Oct 30th Work Party from 9am-Noon. Bring Water, Gloves, Rakes, McCleods, Lopers and your personal tunes. The work done already should get you all FIRED UP!