Monday, January 11, 2010

A Winter Wonderland: Frozen Family Man

Family Man is under 'Ice Seige' and surprised the small intimate work party on Sunday Jan 10th. Scoping out the 'Family Man' Loop I found anything and everything glazed with a nice quarter inch of Mother Natures' finest ice. Walking around proved to a challenge as I wandered into the 'Rhythm Trail' to see the extensive riding damage. I've also noticed allot of wood missing that I used to stop all the 'deer trails' that humans were creating. There was even a few trees sawed down too. All very surprising to the trailbuilders in attendance.

Shane Wilson and Craig Cleary are the newest adoptee's but are anything but new to trailwork in Post Canyon. Both have large history of hours and trail advocacy for the area. They were leading a decommission work party on some pesky issues that surface year after year. Offroad 4X4's have torn up a couple of sections and the HR County Land Mangers asked Shane and Craig to 'shut-down' and 'de-activate' a decent sized area. 4 hours of work moving tons of debris to block unathourize use of a vehicle was the goal.

After 'bonking' on energy and needing a serious dose of Taqueria's finest taco's, the boys headed out after shutting down the area. You can make donations to the GFRA if your unable to attend a work party as anything helps the few trailbuilders. Contact Douglas Johnson, President of the GFRA at for a financial contribution to the vision of making world class trails here in Hood River a reality. Material donations are also accepted. (No Painted Wood!) Check the IMBA website for more details.


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  2. Thanks for all the hard work! Bummer to hear about the trail damage.