Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Powell Butte Survey for MTB'ing Portland Metro Trails

Source: Wayne Silver, Ted D.

Your comments are needed to help improve mountain bike access at Powell Butte.

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Basic Objectives when completing the survey:
1. Question #7, choose option A which adds more trail (i.e. a second loop) on the Elderberry Trail
2. Question #9, choose option B which keeps the Pioneer Trail open
3. Question #13, choose option B which keeps the Wildhorse Trail open
4. Questions #16 (final comment section) add two comments
a) Make a statement that all trails should be open to multi-use (i.e. open to mtn bikes)
b) Suggest that the trails should be built IMBA Trail Building standards (IMBA is the International Mountain Biking Assoc.)

Link To The Survey

***Please fill out this online survey by Sunday January 31st.***

Background info:

NWTA (Northwest Trail Alliance formerly PUMP) has been an active participant throughout the planning process of a major park redesign for Powell Butte. Members of NWTA have been working with City Parks Dept to create a plan that enhances mountain bike access and improves the trail conditions. Currently we are in the final phase of the planning process and need your support (i.e. we need your voice as a mountain biker). I hope that you take five minutes to complete the survey and influence the final plan for Powell Butte.

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