Wednesday, January 27, 2010

SOS! 'Save Our Shuttles' at Syncline

Orignally Posted On April 2009, Re-posted By Numerous Requests

On Feb 4th, 2009 a meeting regarding the use of Syncline/Coyote Wall has resulted in a few guidelines the landowners of the area asked the MTB Community to adhere too:

1) Please refrain from relieving yourself (that includes #2) on the Atwood Road drop off.
2) No parking a car and leaving it on Atwood Road. No Parking signs have been installed.
3) Dunno why I have to write this but- Please, no garbage. Its a major buzzkill to see garbage being dragged around by giant Black Ravens and other wildlife.
4) Hikers are complaining the most about the 'shuttle' crowd. So please SLOW DOWN when near/close/insight of any hiker. They said "we feel violated", so lets show them allot more courtesy in the future.
5) STAY ON EXISTING TRAILS!! Major complaints against MTB'ers in general for 'braiding' and making new lines, damaging wildflowers, wildgrass, etc- (area under most scrutiny is the lower rock drop.) Hikers call it a 'visual eyesore'.
6) Dogs, KEEP THEM AT HOME OR LEAVE THEM IN THE CAR. Don't bring them to Syncline anymore- Wildlife has been affected greatly already.
7) Leave NO BRAKING SKID MARKS! If you can't stop without dragging the rear tire- then you shouldn't be in such a sensitive area- stay on asphalt if your a 'skidder'. If you do- restore the trail to the condition it was prior to your 'Lobster-style' braking.

During the winter months of November, December, January, Febuary and March- Syncline is the only place to ride and prepare for upcoming bike events and gatherings.

For more information- check out the CAMBA website here.

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