Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Cyclists Unite! Hood River Area MTB Riders-Trailbuilders Meeting Details

Oct 21 Thursday at 7pm at the White Buffalo is the 2nd group meeting in regards to local area mountain bike advocacy. All members of CAMBA, GFRA and any other cycling specific group is welcome to attend and discuss the needs and concerns of the area. Last meeting was held outdoors and it was hard to hear everyone- this meeting will be indoors! I look forward to seeing everyone and showing off the recent hard work accomplished at the last trail work party. News of more work partys are coming soon! 


  1. Hey Mike, Is this meeting open for those of us just interested in what's going on in PC? I'm interested in doing some trail work (dirt jump line maybe?) in the future and just want to learn more about the right ways to go about it.

  2. Forest- Absolutely. This is where we can rally a plan and present it to the Hood River Trail Committee. Its a meeting of the local minds that do care and want to make a difference- lets meet up.