Monday, October 18, 2010

Sexy Beast Work Party ReCap

Huge thanks to everyone who showed up the recent Sunday Oct 17th for the installation of "Sexy Beast". The turnout was impressive and the work done that day is even more impressive. Huge thanks to Steve Kruse of Timberline Lodge for donating 10 winter lift tickets to the hard workers. Alpinestars donated some goodies too. Craig Cleary was rumored handed out a gift certificate for a dinner at 'Cebu's' to a lucky worker that day too. 23 people put a really massive effort into 'Sexy Beast' and 4 four legged critters made it entertaining. Keep your eye on this blog for more work partys!

  Dan Kruse doing his 'Follow Me' pose again. 
 East Coast Dan was impressed with the turnout. 
 Front of the line and charging along. 
 Kieth Cunningham of Discover Bikes showing off his Bedhead hairstyle. 

 Jason Wells massaging the trail beast. 

 Shane Wilson pointing in the direction of.....? 
 Jason signing off the county volunteer waivers. 
 Greg Schutt was pumped to contribute to a trail after 2 years of the run around. 
 Its light is even sexy. 
 Steve Kruse signing off on 10 winter lift passes for the volunteers, huge thanks Steve! 
 Chris Medley too has been trying for years to join a work party, he was glad to be apart of this installation. 
 The last men standing. (l to r) Sam Pinner, Chris Medley, Shane Wilson, Chris Elsmore, Kieth Cunningham, Mike Estes and Rick (?) enjoy the fall light. Landon Holt took this image! 

 Shane Wilson


  1. So where exactly does this "Beast" start and end?! Is it big bike shuttle friendly (ie. downhill). Future plans for dirt/wood features? Thanks for the hard work!

  2. This is Chris and your comment of me is funny shit. I always build features and jumps on the trails that I help with, not drive an hour to build a xc (unsexy beast)trail. Maybe someday one you put together will have some features and be fun to ride for anyone other than some kooks. What you guys really need are some nice trails that flow like Black Rock and Whistler. Peace