Friday, April 22, 2011

New Trail 'Bad Motor Scooter' POV GoPro Run!

Starting out with some angles on 'Extended Play' trying to figure out which one is good. Then I just decide to pedal right into and down the newest trail in Post Canyon called 'Bad Motor Scooter' which will connect riders to 'Lower GP' to 'Baby GP' and down to the 'Family Man' area. This trail was built in 5 months, by over 120 vounteers and just over a total of 1000 hours to get it open. Over the next four to five years even more features, jumps and skill enhacing 'Technical Terrain Features' will be addded. For now, enjoy and watch this trail mature into one of Post Canyon's 'Most Used' trail. Fine tuning and lots of shovel work is being done thru May, so be prepared for updates and improvements.

'ChorusX' is undergoing major rennovation. Be careful if your riding down it. 'Drop Out' is still undergoing some renovations as well. I will update this blog as soon as I hear they are open for riding. Enjoy your weekend!

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