Saturday, April 16, 2011

Post Canyon Clean Up Day Shout Out and New Trail News!

Huge shout out to Jim Skakel and Jeff Blackman for executing todays Annual Post Canyon Clean Up day. I saw a few people like Rick Higgens, Ryan Goodwin, Chico B's ENTIRE FAMILY, The Mudrys' and Dave Bisset. But didn't see too many other folks. Oh well. Cherry Blossom Festival was in full bore.

After Ryan Goodwin and I picked up about 200lbs of garbage we headed up 'Bad Motor Scooter' to punch the last 40 yards of trail open. Here's some crappy cell phone pictures to show you all......get hyped. The newest trail is about to be fully open its gonna be fun! Thanks to Kieth and Justina for appearing outta nowhere to help out too! 


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  1. Yes, thanks to all who helped. I was up there last year and helped but I must be out of the loop since I always seem to get about 3 days notice before an event is happening. Not sure if there is a calendar on the web somewhere for this kind of stuff but being a family man, I need more than 3 days notice with all the kid stuff going on and such :-).

    Also, wanted to say thanks to all for the work on "Bad Motor Scooter" trail. That looks sick! Can't wait to ride it.