Monday, June 27, 2011

Hood River Trails Post Flats Staging Area Closed

Timber Sale Closure! - The Shaggy Mane Timber Sale began on June 22nd, 2011. The sale is located on the west side of the Post Flats Staging Area.  It is an 18 acre, clear-cut timber sale that runs towards the west to the USDA Forest Service boundary and towards the north to the State of Oregon property boundary. This sale affects numerous recreation trails, the Post Flats Staging Area, and Post Canyon Road. Numerous signs were installed throughout the area on June 21st, 2011. The sale should be completed sometime in August 2011.
Post Canyon Road - Logging trucks and equipmrnt will be using Post Canyon Road while the timber sale is in progress. Post Canyon road has been closed to public use beginning at the upper side of the Seven Streams Staging Area and continuing to approximately 100 yards south of the Post Flats Staging Area.
Trails - All trails within the Shaggy Mane Timber Sale unit boundary have been closed. Once completed, the affected trails can be reopened, redesigned, or decommissioned.  
Post Flats Staging Area - The staging area has been closed to public use for the duration of the timber sale.
Please use caution if in the area and avoid all timber sale operations!
Please help get the word out to all trail users!

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  1. Any info on when the affected trails will re-open?