Thursday, June 9, 2011

Trail Change Ahead! Entry to 'Bad Motor Scooter' Via '8Track'

As of today the entry into 'Bad Motor Scooter' has been changed. You must enter via the '8-Track' entry and you will see new trail to the left.  The trail is now 150feet away from Riorden Hill Road and that makes HR County Forester Henry Buckalew happy. The trail replaces the old 'Upper Grand Prix' due to a huge Timber Sale in the Spring/Summer of 2008. For years we've tried to rebuild that trail. 'Bad Motor Scooter' was the solution to getting riders off the road accessing 'Lower GP'. We achieved the goal.

Stats: Sam Pinner and Myself broke ground in Oct 2010 with IMBA's Jason Wells working magic. Several work parties that were attended by 35+ volunteers did major improvements. Sam, Cory Tepper and Myself have pushed hard with the help of our friends who answered the texts. Huge thanks to everyone who contributed to the installation of this trail. 
Baker testing the line and he approved. 

 We held a 'Name that Trail' contest on Pinkbike and Alex Ely came up with "Bad Motor Scooter" which I then bestowed Alex some slightly used bike parts he wanted. With the trail located under 'Extended Play and 8-Track' (music) names and connecting to 'Lower Grand Prix' (motorsports) we wanted something to compliment our love of music and motorsports. Hence, our reason for the name.
My Alex bottle was instrumental in completing the entry. Get one! 

I cut this all by hand! 

Previously, this corner was junk, off camber with a huge rock. No longer an issue, smooth singletrack!  
Hope you all enjoy the new trail. Expect minor improvements when weather allows. Next Fall, expect huge things for 'Da Scooter!'

Old Entry- Blocked. Go back to 8Track if your standing here.  Or look down the logged out road- you'll see the re-route. 

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