Saturday, October 1, 2011

Tool Review: Weed Wrench

Recently I was asked to assist in removing scottsbroom on a local Hood River Recreation Work Party, during this volunteer event I discovered a new tool called the Weed Wrench. I was instantly smitten with how well it worked, it was really fun to remove this invasive and noxious weed. We pulled over a 100 woody plants and piled them up.

So, to make a long story shorter, I convinced the owner of the motel I caretake to purchase one. We have 5 acres and 1/3rd of if has Scottsbroom. Upon reciept of the wrench I went to work. Its a brilliant tool and the inventor should be proud. Simple to assemble. They come in several sizes ranging from 'Heavy' (2.5 diameter roots) to a Mini (1 inch roots) offering an 18/1 leverage ratio for yanking anything outta the ground. I highly recommend using eye protection as debris will get you when using it because this thing is fun to use. Yeah, FUN TO USE!

Here's the proof, the 'Before' shot:
Weed Wrench ready to battle the Scottsbroom! 
Less than a half an hour later I had this massive pile, yanked 40+ easily. The 'After' shot:
Property reclaimed. 
I'm looking forward to using this on 'Sexy Beast' and in a few section of 'Bad Motor Scooter' this fall building season. Looking forward to it actually. I have now pulled out Maple, Adlers, Bamboo and popped a couple Poision Oaks outta that ground too.

Simply clamp the base. 

Give a tug. 

Pop! Root and all....

If you have a need to hire me and the Weed Wrench to clear your property you can contact me at and I can come over to your house- remove some nasty eye sores easily. Got a tool to review? Hit me up. 

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