Sunday, October 9, 2011

TRAIL CHANGES AHEAD! Bad Motor Scooter ReRouted and Improvements UNDERWAY!!

We just rerouted a couple sections of 'Bad Motor Scooter' and prepped the area we call 'Pucker Corner' for the upcoming Oct 15th Work Party. Lots of improvements thruout the trail and I wanted you all to have an internet HEADS UP! Enjoy the photos.
Sam Pinner fillls abandoned tires with rocks as we bury them to make rollers. 

Halfway thru the first reroute. We took out two crappy turns and simplified the line. 

Removing the organic layer is Sam Pinners #1 goal. 

'Pucker Corner' is fun for those who like steeps- no fun for others.  New line going in......
Sam takes a nice break after 4 hours of scraping organics and hearing rider complaints. 

The new 'Scardy Cat' line and naturally berrmed. 

'Scardy Cat' line is very gentle and will be a breath of relief to anyone who has been scared on 'Pucker' 

Tools of the trade. 

My Dakine Highwire's, best durable trailbuilding glove in the line. 

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