Monday, October 17, 2011

Work Party ReCap on 'Bitchen Motor Scooter'

All images courtesy of Corbin Crimmins Photography

Oct 15th was an enormously successful organized work party for Post Canyon's Youngest Trail that is considered a 'vital link' for those riding the DH/FR trails. 35 Volunteers arrived and were instructed by Trail Steward and the days Trail Chief Sam Pinner, assisted by Trail Leaders Jim Mudry, Olivier Bock and Cory Tepper.

After a massive effort to improve the corners- improve flow and bench cut a nice easy line for all to descend safely now down the steepest section. The 2nd water crossing too got a realignment and its all just amazing to ride. Hope you enjoy the improvements. More to come thru the winter! 

Jon from Double Mtn pours me a pint while picking up the donated pizza while I was double parked. 

Pizza for the workers! 

Awesome raffle provided by Devon Lyons and the Oregon Super D Series! 

WORK PARTY BONUS! You worked- you get a FREE shuttle to the top courstesy of Hermosa Tours (855-MTB-POST) 

The greatest post work party reward, your bike handed to you at the top of the Super D course.
 Thank you to all who attended and I hope you can make the Oct 29th Work Party on Road 44- Info HERE. 

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