Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Carl Warren Images of Recent 8-Track Work Party

Looking back from the new trail line- you can barely see the old 8- Track line if you look closely and know where to look...........

Builders need 'Builders Bars' for energy.  (r photo) MHFS Sinsei of Trails Jim Thornton making sure its done right from the start. 

This is where the new trail is going into A nice 'Vista Ridge' line.......everyone that cleared the trail said "there's endless options for features.
Doug Hopkins and Jim Mudry. 

Lopers. (r photo) NWSOF's Sam Pinner dropped off goodies, including passes to an upcoming event Dec 6th. Stay tuned for that post later in the week. 

Bring your bike on the next Trailbuild Day this Sat Nov 29th from 9am to 3pm. Bring gloves, food and water- tools of choice are lopers, McClouds and rakes.......soil can be 5.10'd its so nice and moist. (5.10'd is a term Dave coined after walking a section I worked on with just Lopers and kicking the ground in my 5.10's) 
Dave Bisset, leading the vision and bringing back everyone's favorite trail. (Note: You will still be able to ride the road over to Lower GP if you choose to....)

If you can donate to the GFRA, please email gfra@gorge.net to contribute to a growing network of trails maintained by a dedicated group of riders. Look up passion in the dictionary and you will find the GFRA! 

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