Sunday, November 23, 2008

Welcome Back 8-Track!

Today a group of Post Canyon loyalists showed up at 9:30am, met at the old 8-Track Midway and preceded to get busy cutting a whole new line from 1/2 down. The entry into 8-track will be exactly the same, just passed the Road Gap and beneath 'Extended Play'. Basically Dave Bisset explained to me that the trail is changing direction at the old 'Tetter-Totter" stunt, heading South to a feature rich line that will bring us back North on the old fire-road. 

Here is the new midway 8-Track line looking back up to Fire-road, this is traversing all the way South again, across the recent clear cut and will take you down into the tree line and down to the lower road which we will ride out to Family Man when complete. 

Props to Ringleader Dave Bisset, Jim Mudry, Jeff Blackman, Jim Thorton, Jackie, Doug Hopkins and a few 4 footed dogs that got out there today. 

Next 8-Track Build Day is Sat November 29th, there will be 2 work parties.
  • One at 8-track starting around 10am, meet at the midway road in the clear cut. Bring your own water, food and tools. 
  • The 2nd work party will be on Seven Streams being lead by HR HS Math Teach and MTB Advocate Jeff Blackman, his party starts at 9am and he can be found on Post Canyon Drive. Bring your own water, food and tools. 

If you have materials to donate- timbers, rock, money or time, please email and somebody will contact you and collect it if it meets requirements (No PAINTED WOOD!)  

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