Sunday, November 30, 2008

7 Streams Gets Some Much Needed Love

Jeff Blackman led a charge on November 29th 2008 to improve the most upper part of '7 Streams' XC Loop with an experienced group of workers.

 In his own words: 
"The trail work was done from Cush (the bypass around the log/ladder drop on 7 streams) to the first turn after the Y on the new section of 7 streams.  Jason Wells, Tom Kosmoski, Tamira Wayonfeld, Kelly Chambers, Dylan Chambers, Brian Chambers, Mike Scott, Doug Van Zandt, Tom McCulloce and Andy (of Oregon Parks) all got dirty filling in holes, diverting water, and smoothing out trail."

Today I got to personally check out the work done and its really nice and buffed out- all the problem spots are cleaned up. Awesome Job guys! 

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  1. Why is a free ride blog supporting buffed out trails? I've noticed some serious dumbing down of some of the few technical spots on the lower Mtn. I really hope this otherwise cool blog doesn't support Bend style riding. Leave the roots alone!