Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Progress: 8-Track Gets More 5.10ing

I went out solo today to do some "5.10'ing" out on 8-Track. This is a term when you use only your feet, you kick the ground and manipulate it. Using Lopers to remove stubborn roots, trimming vegetation along the way I cleared an estimated 150-200 feet of trail in 3.5 hours. At this rate- I see some early runs are 'possible' if weather holds over Thanksgiving Weekend.

Before 5.10ing the trail on the right, after some 5.10'ing on the left. 

Some nasty trail is about to get buffed. 
When you sit down for Thanksgiving Dinner Thursday, give 'Thanks" to the GFRA! Donate materials, any amount of funds to continue growing the Gorge Freeride scene. Contact for more information.

Happy Trails-giving! 

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  1. Good job Mike. I am planning on meeting Saturday. Was'nt able to make it Sunday.You wanna ride Windells next Saturday? I am changing my P2 to SS at present for next weekend.