Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Illegal MTB Trailbuilding in Portland's Forest Park


PORTLAND, Ore. - Mountain bikers heading off the beaten path at Forest Park and making their own trails may be having fun but wildlife and park experts say the rogue cyclists are disturbing natural habitat that is already fragile.

When we set out to see the rogue trails for ourselves, we didn't have to look far to see the destruction that is happening.

Ignoring signs that forbid it, mountain bikers have built illegal trails at the park. Trees have been cut, ferns have been trampled and someone even went so far as to build a dam across a creek.

The Parks Department is working with bicyclists to try to create more trail space in Portland's parks for those who want to ride. Bicyclists say they only get to use about 30 percent of parks.

There will be a meeting Thursday evening where parks managers will talk with a bicyclist advisory group to try to come up with solutions.

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